Issues newly fixed in MPS release 1.107.0

Job Priority Title
job001248 nice (source clarity) Badly named CHECK macros in config.h, check.h are confusing
job001547 essential Configura builds do not include a hot variety
job000666 essential Difficult to tell what collections are happening
job001530 essential Intel OS X builds are not possible.
job001455 essential MPS LO pool: mps_arena_formatted_objects_walk fails with AVER(i < j)
job001370 optional MPS RefMan is not valid XHTML
job001421 optional MPS default "all" build omits plinth (mpsplan.a/.lib) and (on w3) mps.lib
job001545 essential MPS hot varieties do no AVERs or other checking
job001546 essential MPS hot varieties gather tuning statistics
job001429 optional MPS lacks documentation on how to use allocation points
job001369 nice MPS proc/release-build omits step: update main MPS index page
job001365 essential build broken on w3 (Windows) with Visual C++ 7.0