Issues newly fixed in MPS release 1.112.0

Job Priority Title
job001139 essential project/mps has no private sub-tree for commercial stuff
job001153 essential The MPS lacks error recovery mechanisms
job001621 essential Can't use threads on OS X.
job003301 essential Bogus assertion iswrite == 0 || iswrite == 1 on Windows
job003435 essential Rehashing large hash tables breaks nursery collection strategy
job003469 essential CET can't safely make use of the top 2GiB of memory on 32-bit Windows
job003474 essential amcssth test failure on lii6gc and fri3gc
job003491 essential Manual doesn't make it clear that GC is cross-pool
job003498 essential Varargs interface to SNC broken
job003503 essential Telemetry system calls mps_io_flush() without mps_io_create()
job003519 essential Clock values in text telemetry logs on Windows have top 32 bits zero
job003553 essential Several "make test" targets fail on Windows
job003633 essential AMS requires undocumented AMS_SUPPORT_AMBIGUOUS keyword argument
job003634 essential AMS allocation points require undocumented RANK keyword argument
job003636 essential Can't pass debugging options by keyword argument
job003640 essential Can't cope with stack overflows on W3I6MV
job003661 essential No procedure for merging custom work
job001145 optional Many (mmqa) tests fail on OS X
job001149 optional MPS does not provide sufficient information about addresses
job003323 optional Varargs interfaces are hard to use
job003341 optional Unclear how to destroy a pool containing objects registered for finalization
job003443 optional No coverage testing
job003476 optional No automated testrun target on Windows
job003479 optional Some forward declarations of *ClassGet() functions are wrong
job003489 optional Test fail logs are lost forever on build servers
job003504 optional ANSI plinth does not check its arguments
job003506 optional awlutth test case fails on lii6gc
job003507 optional mpseventsql -i and -o options cause crash
job003510 optional mps_free doesn't check all addresses in range
job003596 optional Clang/LLVM not supported on Linux
job003619 optional PageOfTract macro doesn't compile in Clang 3.0
job003657 optional ztfm test case does not get run
job003319 nice MVT creation takes "integer percentage" argument
job003322 nice External interface contains useless "fixed" object format
job003350 nice Purpose of manual pool classes is unclear
job003351 nice Debugging pool classes are hard to use
job003411 nice MPS doesn't make use of __builtin_readcyclecounter on OS X
job003481 nice Test case seed generation is not random enough
job003483 nice mv2test.c contains a redundant random number generator
job003500 nice Format interface is hard to understand
job003512 nice Can't configure MVT alignment
job003524 nice Arena states are confusing
job003592 nice ALIGN and ALIGN_UP macros are poorly named
job003594 nice Makefiles not compatible with --jobs option
job003595 nice Unsupported platform Linux+Clang not detected
job003628 nice MPS produces warnings when compiled with -Wextra
job003629 nice MPS produces warnings when compiled with -Wwrite-strings
job003630 nice Bad variety not detected
job003638 nice Incorrect accounting in MVT
job003662 nice spi3.c is mis-named