Issues newly fixed in MPS release 1.117.0

Job Priority Title
job004054 essential Can't destroy arena with outstanding finalization messages
job004061 essential Manual does not build with Sphinx 1.6
job004076 essential MPS does not compile with GCC 7
job004086 essential Assertion failure in amssshe
job003525 optional Pointers from MPS stack pin down user objects
job003780 optional No test case for register scanning
job003813 optional TraceReclaim looks at every segment
job003917 optional Clear x86 direction flag in exception handler
job003957 optional MutatorFaultContext interface is inconsistent and incomplete
job004001 optional No representation of the set of generations condemned by a trace
job004030 optional Failed shield assertion in finalization tests with deep checking
job004048 optional MMQA test cases fail on w3i6mv
job004055 optional Documentation for mps_root_create_area_tagged is incorrect
job004056 optional lockEnsureGlobalLock is not thread-safe on Windows
job004062 optional fork() unsupported on FreeBSD, Linux and macOS
job004070 optional LO and AWL pools fail to detect invalid exact references
job004072 optional MRG segments needlessly set the write barrier
job004074 optional mps_definalize might not work
job004084 optional MMQA test function/232.c crashes
job004090 optional Walking the roots means you can't walk the formatted objects
job004093 optional Predicted mortality is bogus for collection of the world
job004094 optional Trace mortality prediction is bogus
job004096 optional MMQA fails to handle assertion failures
job004097 optional MMQA ignores assertions in tests with OUTPUT_SPEC
job003858 nice Allocating segments in control pool has a bad complexity
job004047 nice Inconvenient to run multiple MMQA testsets
job004052 nice Release procedure does not update version document
job004063 nice Easy to miss mps_addr_pool
job004069 nice macOS thread registration guard is ineffective and unnecessary
job004073 nice wasMarked protocol is unnecessarily complex
job004077 nice No test cases for bogus arguments to mps_finalize
job004078 nice Typedefs use int when unsigned would be better
job004083 nice ChainCreate calls ControlAlloc twice
job004089 nice No smoke test coverage of mps_arena_roots_walk
job004092 nice MMQA test cases fail on 32-bit platforms