Review checklist

author Gareth Rees
date 2015-08-10
index terms pair: review; checklist
organization Ravenbrook Limited
revision //
status incomplete documentation


.scope: This document contains a list of checks to apply when reviewing code or other documents in the Memory Pool System.

.readership: This document is intended for reviewers.

.example: The "example" links are issues caused by a failure to apply the checklist item.

.diff: Some items in the checklist are particularly susceptible to being ignored if one reviews only via the version control diff. These items refer to this tag.


.test: If a new feature has been added to the code, is there a test case? Example: job003923.

.unwind: If code has been updated in a function that unwinds its state in failure cases, have the failure cases been updated to correspond? Example: job003922. See .diff.

Document History

2015-08-10 GDR Created.