Version 1.106 Product Sources

1. Introduction

This document is the root of Version 1.106 of the product sources (See [RB 1999-05-20, 8] for a discussion of master sources, versions, and releases.)

This document catalogues the product sources for the Memory Pool System project.

This document will be modified as the product sources are developed.

The readership of this document is the project developers, and also anyone interested in the project.

This document is not confidential.

2. Product sources

The product sources are everything which is used to construct the product and everything which is developed as the product develops, and must therefore be branched and maintained in product versions.

readme.txt The "read me" file for the sources, with a basic introduction on getting started with the MPS Kit. Start here.
design/ Design documents.
code/ Source code.
example/ Example code -- how to write code that uses the MPS.
manual/ Product manuals.
procedure/ Procedures: building releases, etc.
tool/ Automated tools for building and maintaining the product.
test/ Test suite.
license.txt The open source license for the MPS Kit.

A. References

[RB 1999-05-20] "Product Quality through Change Management"; Richard Brooksby; Geodesic Systems; 1999-05-20; <URL:>.

B. Document History

2001-08-15 NDL Created.
2002-05-23 RB Updated to open source license. Added design documents and top-level text files.
2002-06-07 NB remove mminfo and mmdoc links, which are out-of-date.
2002-06-17 RB Removed notice about confidential materials, now that they have been removed.
2002-06-18 RB Added procedure/. Ordered entries.
2005-10-14 RHSK This document has two roles: root of the product sources, and root of the master version thereof. It now discusses these roles separately, so that this document is easy to correct when branched. (At which point it is still the root of the product sources, but no longer of the master version thereof).
2006-04-14 RHSK Added example/.