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Perforce Defect Tracking Integration Project

Product Design Documents

Richard Brooksby, Ravenbrook Limited, 2000-08-10

1. Introduction

This is the catalogue of design documents of the Perforce Defect Tracking Integration product.

This document will be modified as the product is developed. Design documents appear here according to the design document procedure [RB 2000-10-05].

The readership of this document is the product developers.

This document is not confidential.

2. Designs

architecture/ Architecture.
bugzilla-emailsuffix/ How Bugzilla's "emailsuffix" feature works and how the P4DTI supports it.
bugzilla-p4dti-schema/ Bugzilla database schema extensions for integration with Perforce.
bugzilla-schema/ Bugzilla database schema (obsolete, moved to main project tools directory).
build/ Build automation design.
mail/ E-mail design
migration/ Migration design
python-bugzilla-interface/ Python interface to Bugzilla.
python-teamtrack-interface/ Python interface to TeamTrack. Obsolete.
replicator/ Replicator design
replicator-bugzilla-interface/ Replicator interface to Bugzilla
replicator-teamtrack-interface/ Replicator interface to TeamTrack. Obsolete.
teamtrack-journal/ Design for replication of journal fields in TeamTrack. Obsolete.
teamtrack-p4dti-schema/ TeamTrack database schema extensions for integration with Perforce. Obsolete.
test/ Test design.
win32-eventlog/ Using the Windows event log.
workflow-enforcement/ Workflow enforcement design.

A. References

[RB 2000-10-05] "P4DTI Project Design Document Procedure"; Richard Brooksby; Ravenbrook Limited; 2000-10-05.

B. Document History

2000-08-10 RB Created empty catalogue.
2000-08-29 GDR Added "Python interface to TeamTrack".
2000-08-30 GDR Renamed teamtrack/ to python-teamtrack-interface/.
2000-09-04 GDR Added "TeamTrack database schema extensions for integration with Perforce".
2000-09-13 GDR Added "Replicator design", "Replicator classes in Python" and "Replicator interface to TeamTrack".
2000-10-05 RB Added reference to design document procedure.
2000-11-20 RB Added workflow-enforcement/.
2000-11-14 NB Added Bugzilla placeholders.
2000-12-12 RB Fixed broken link to "replicator classes" document.
2001-03-02 RB Transferred copyright to Perforce under their license.
2001-06-01 GDR Added migration design.
2001-07-17 GDR Added build/ and test/.
2001-10-02 GDR Added teamtrack-journal/.
2001-10-26 GDR Added mail/.
2002-01-28 GDR Added bugzilla-emailsuffix/.
2003-06-02 NB Marked TeamTrack documents as obsolete.

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