Issues newly fixed in P4DTI release 1.0.1

Job Priority Title
job000027 critical There are outstanding defects that were found in release 0.3.0
job000052 optional Likely problems not in troubleshooting section
job000135 essential Replicator makes no more progress if replication to Perforce fails
job000166 essential MySQLdb version 0.3.0 is untested
job000167 optional Released manuals should be on the website
job000171 nice AG should note broken MySQL versions
job000174 essential No instructions on how to upgrade from the beta
job000188 essential The TeamTrack integration fails with non-ASCII characters
job000191 essential Administrator can't easily find release when contacting support
job000194 essential Perforce states include tSupport states as well as tTrack states
job000195 essential Keyword translation is too conservative
job000208 optional TeamTrack integration doesn't provide a .reg file
job000210 optional Bugzilla states/resolutions with spaces in them cause broken jobspec
job000215 essential The replicator can send out mail bombs
job000216 optional readme.txt mentions beta sites
job000217 critical readme.txt has too much detail of fixed bugs
job000218 critical readme.txt has a confusing date at the top
job000219 essential Existing jobs in Perforce may become unusable when the jobspec is changed
job000221 critical Refreshing Perforce jobs fails in Bugzilla integration
job000222 essential Deleting fix causes Bugzilla integration to crash
job000223 optional Quote in change comment terminates display in TeamTrack
job000224 essential "import replicator" fails when debugging
job000225 essential If you "p4 fix" when there's no closed state, the replicator can't replicate
job000226 optional Newlines don't show up in change descriptions in TeamTrack
job000229 essential The readme is too hard to use
job000230 essential Messages from the replicator refer to non-existent sections of the manuals
job000232 optional Log and e-mail messages are confusing if jobname is different from the issue name