Issues newly fixed in P4DTI release 1.2.0

Job Priority Title
job000114 optional There's no description of the limitations of the integration
job000125 optional Bugzilla version not checked
job000134 essential The replicator log grows without limit
job000137 essential Documentation doesn't explain why fixes don't get undone with other changes
job000149 essential We don't use system logging facilities on Windows
job000159 essential Fixes which the replicator rejects still get replicated
job000162 optional Replicator needs restarting when you add new users to Perforce or TeamTrack
job000203 nice Users can masquerade as other users
job000252 essential Support can't detect tampering with P4DTI source
job000262 essential Bugzilla: Can't use Perforce to confirm an unconfirmed bug
job000274 optional It's hard to run the unit tests on an installed P4DTI
job000275 optional Unit tests only support one configuration per platform
job000308 essential No error or warning when user mapping isn't one to one
job000316 optional User mismatch not documented
job000359 essential Startup e-mail is misleading in TeamTrack integration
job000360 optional Bugzilla configuration starts with dt_name="TeamTrack"
job000371 essential You can edit other people's comments in journal fields in TeamTrack 5.0
job000378 essential Hard to work out which TeamTrack field types are supported
job000383 essential AG needs better description of TeamTrack workflows that don't work with the P4DTI
job000384 nice P4DTI will stop working in Python 3.0
job000390 critical P4DTI doesn't support Bugzilla 2.14
job000392 essential Mysterious failure if you turn off "accept info from browser" in TeamTrack
job000393 essential If you specify the wrong Bugzilla version, P4DTI carries on anyway
job000394 optional Bugzilla tests don't work unless database is called "bugs"
job000396 essential Bugzilla 2.14 integration doesn't send notification e-mails
job000406 critical MySQL integrity error when you create a new bug in Bugzilla and update it quickly