Issues newly fixed in P4DTI release 1.3.0

Job Priority Title
job000022 essential No migration from Perforce jobs to defect tracker
job000036 optional New jobs in Perforce don't get replicated to the defect tracker
job000046 essential The replicator process is hard to manage
job000124 essential Changes by disabled Bugzilla users may be replicated
job000145 essential Deleted TeamTrack states appear in Perforce jobspec
job000211 optional Mail can get lost
job000272 essential Source code doesn't refer to its documentation
job000306 essential Bugzilla integration holds locks after errors
job000317 optional Error message is unhelpful when you're using an unsupported version of the MySQLdb module
job000376 essential In TeamTrack integration, P4Win crashes if you try to create a job
job000382 essential "[Errno 5] Input/output error" from Bugzilla integration logger
job000385 critical Renumbered changelist causes P4DTI error and deletes fix
job000387 essential TeamTrack 5.0 integration doesn't provide good error messages
job000388 optional Error reporting is poor if you choose not to receive e-mail
job000398 essential May get conflicts after running the refresh script
job000399 essential Some issue titles can't be replicated
job000403 optional Instructions on how to select issues to replicate are inadequate
job000404 nice No startup message if you don't receive e-mail
job000405 essential Configuration section in AG needs improvement
job000410 essential Can't confirm an unconfirmed Bugzilla bug from Perforce
job000411 critical Bugzilla integration depends on MySQLdb returning lists
job000416 essential Fixed-point numbers treated as floating-point in TeamTrack integration