Issues newly fixed in P4DTI release 1.4.0

Job Priority Title
job000016 essential Double replication causes many conflicts
job000042 essential Rapid changes in the DT cause conflicts
job000086 optional Users can "fix" issues that they don't have permission to change
job000244 essential TeamTrack names the wrong user in an error message
job000245 essential Unhelpful error from TeamTrack if you can't edit an issue
job000276 optional Can't fix (and then delete the fix) a job owned by user (None) in the TeamTrack integration
job000289 optional Users with spaces produce confusing errors
job000309 essential Underscores don't work in Perforce jobviews
job000333 optional Poor error message from TeamTrack 5.0 when you specify wrong user or password
job000343 essential When using multiple Perforce servers, TeamTrack uses wrong changelist link
job000352 essential Bugzilla emailsuffix parameter not supported
job000409 essential Not clear if TeamTrack 5.01 is supported or not
job000413 essential Bugzilla integration does not work with MySQLdb 0.9.0 or later
job000426 essential Migration to TeamTrack fails unless issue ids are zero-filled to 5 digits
job000427 optional Can't delete associated filespec in Bugzilla integration
job000429 essential Error message in conflict e-mail might be wrong
job000433 critical TeamTrack 5.02 not supported
job000436 essential Migration instructions don't help with deleting and restoring databases
job000442 essential Can't replicate 'line' fields with hashes in them to Perforce
job000445 essential Bugzilla replicator doesn't like spaces in enum fields
job000447 critical Bugzilla 2.14.1 not supported
job000453 critical Perforce 2002.1 not supported
job000459 critical TeamTrack 5.5 not supported
job000463 critical Bugzilla integration fails if mx.DateTime module is installed