Issues newly fixed in P4DTI release 2.1.0

Job Priority Title
job000624 essential Licence still says copyright 2001.
job000699 essential P4DTI doesn't allow customizable jobspec
job000700 essential Perforce user password is disclosed on command line
job000704 essential Bugzilla fixes table shows the fixer, not the changer
job000754 essential AG says that MySQL doc link is for MySQL 4.1.0-alpha
job000755 essential still has TeamTrack section
job000756 essential MySQL privilege required and not documented
job000792 essential Can't detect Bugzilla versions since 2.16
job000811 essential P4DTI doesn't work with Perforce 2003.2beta
job000827 essential P4DTI test suite with PyXML 0.8.3 fails without XHTML DTD file
job000828 optional "licence" should read "license"
job000829 essential Some messages listed in the AG can never appear.
job000830 essential No way to check the jobspec
job000831 essential No way to just extend the jobspec
job000832 nice P4DTI checksum script doesn't know jobspec scripts
job000833 essential Bugzilla 2.16.4 not supported.