P4DTI issue job000032

TitleDeletion of fixes and filespecs in TeamTrack may cease to work in future releases
Assigned userGareth Rees
DescriptionDeletion of fixes and filespecs from the TeamTrack interface is correctly replicated to Perforce at present. But this depends on an undocumented feature of TeamTrack and so may cease to work when new releases of TeamTrack appear.
AnalysisThe TeamTrack interface (dt_teamtrack.py) discovers changed fix and filespec records in TeamTrack's VCACTIONS table by comparing the modified time in the TIME1 field with the replicated time in the TIME2 field. However, this will only notice new and updated records. Deleted records won't be found by this search and hence the deletion won't be replicated.
This was fixed in TeamTrack by updating the CHANGES table; see evidence.
However, we no longer support deletion of fixes and filespecs from the TeamTrack interface, so this is no longer a problem. See [GDR 2000-12-04] for this decision. GDR 2000-12-30
How foundinspection
Created byGareth Rees
Created on2000-10-20 15:00:06
Last modified byGareth Rees
Last modified on2001-12-10 18:58:34
History2000-10-20 GDR Created based on personal to-do list.
2000-12-30 GDR Described user impact. Closed.


Change Effect Date User Description
7949 closed 2001-02-01 22:13:23 Gareth Rees Updated the TeamTrack integration so that it works with (and requires) TeamTrack build 4407. This involved the following changes:
1. Use the new TeamTrack API, as of 2001-01-15.
2. Edited TSServer::ValidateVersion() so that it doesn't hang when connecting. See job000190.
3. Increased the supported_dbver parameter to 27, to match TeamTrack 4407.
4. Updated the Administrator's Guide so that it requires 4407.