Issues newly fixed in MPS release 1.114.0

Job Priority Title
job000550 optional BufferEmpty on AMS in mid-collection can break
job000652 essential mps_arena_destroy may crash if some objects aren't destroyed
job000742 nice Some niggles annoy DRJ
job001384 nice MPS unclear constraints on avgSize argument to PoolMV mps_pool_create
job001549 essential Assertion failure !AMS_IS_INVALID_COLOUR
job001550 optional MPS poolams.c AMSFix omits checks: clientRef is within seg; bit index is valid
job001682 nice AMCWalk does not honour its contract
job001687 optional AWL does not recycle memory to the arena.
job003302 optional mps_arena_create fails with deep consistency checks
job003359 essential Ambiguous interior pointers do not keep objects alive
job003471 optional mps_root_create_table is hard to use without punning
job003487 nice Pool debug options are awkward to pass
job003492 optional MFS refuses to handle objects smaller than platform alignment
job003494 essential Re-entrancy failure in LDReset
job003496 essential Assertion failure in mps_arena_roots_walk
job003497 essential Messages from assertions sound like bugs in the MPS
job003509 nice MVFF uses segments unnecessarily
job003533 nice It's not clear what's the best way to build the MPS
job003554 essential MPS slows down considerably when arena is extended
job003561 essential amcssth fails on lii6gc with RES_COMMIT_LIMIT
job003631 nice User guide doesn't cover stretchy vector problem
job003643 nice Can't use the MPS with clang -fsanitize=address
job003658 nice zcoll test case does not get run
job003659 optional Too hard to maintain the test suite
job003680 optional Can't assert in external interface
job003681 nice MPS does not compile with -Wunreachable-code
job003684 nice Too hard to swap out address range managers
job003685 nice No encapsulation of CBS-failing-over-to-Freelist pattern
job003691 nice CHECKL is used where CHECKD_NOSIG would give more control
job003692 optional MPS deep checking fails at bootstrap
job003701 optional MVSpanAlloc shows up in GC profiles
job003703 essential amcssth fails with "unable to obtain resources"
job003704 optional No multi-threaded test cases on Windows
job003709 optional MPS doesn't compile under Pelles C
job003711 nice Compiling windows.h takes a long time
job003712 nice No way to compile the MPS one-file-at-a-time on standard OS X
job003714 nice ArenaRootsWalk does not check the result of TraceAddWhite
job003715 nice Warning pragmas may be unnecessary
job003716 nice "ANSI" platform is not regularly tested
job003721 nice No stack scanning test case
job003722 nice awlut fails on w3i6pc
job003724 nice qs failure on ANSI platform
job003725 nice Classes are not checked
job003737 nice Pool class attributes incorrect, unchecked
job003739 essential Blocks in AWL and AMS pools are not finalized
job003740 optional mpswin.h may change the setting of WIN32_LEAN_AND_MEAN
job003741 nice mpsw3.h is unnecessary
job003745 essential AWL alignment is not configurable
job003746 essential None of the smoke tests use AMCZ
job003747 nice No default value for MPS_KEY_ARENA_SIZE
job003748 nice Alignment requirements for manual classes are needlessly strict
job003749 nice Hard to write portable debugging pool options
job003751 nice MVFF debug does not work with large objects
job003753 essential nailboardtest failure
job003754 nice finaltest failure
job003756 essential eventtxt can't process the telemetry output of amcssth
job003757 optional The MPS does not build with clang -Wconversion
job003759 nice We don't eat our own dog food
job003760 essential mpsicv failures
job003761 nice airtest failure on lii3gc
job003765 nice MVT uses GCSeg but does not need GC features
job003767 nice Describe output is hard to read
job003771 essential AMS with default args never gets collected
job003772 essential AWL doesn't provoke collections
job003773 essential Objects in LO pools are not all finalized
job003774 critical The MPS does not build on windows.
job003775 optional Creating task branch from custom doesn't work
job003776 nice Pool generations don't refer to the generation they belong to
job003778 nice SegCheck slow in hot variety
job003779 essential RASH variety does not compile
job003782 essential FALSE is not a safe default value for MPS_KEY_AMS_SUPPORT_AMBIGUOUS
job003787 nice No systematic interface to size of pools
job003811 essential Missing dependencies for benchmarks
job003812 optional MVAlloc taking significant CPU in profiles
job003821 optional No test for "make install"
job003822 optional Emergency garbage collection is untested
job003823 optional No control over constant factor in tract management
job003824 optional No control over the constant factor in AMC segment overhead
job003825 nice Unused closure arguments are unchecked
job003826 nice Can't iterate over CBS while deleting some nodes
job003833 nice "Arena alignment" is a misleading name
job003845 essential Large arena grain sizes cause massive AMC fragmentation
job003846 nice No default find dependent function
job003850 optional ANSI plinth doesn't flush telemetry on error
job003851 optional mpseventtxt drops top word of clock on w3i3mv
job003853 nice AMCFixForward has useless newRef parameter
job003854 nice nmake clean failure
job003855 nice Manual not explicit about scanning/skipping forwarding/padding objects
job003856 nice amcReclaimNailed creates too many padding objects
job003857 optional AMC now slower than 1.113