Issues newly fixed in P4DTI release 1.1.0

Job Priority Title
job000030 optional Users can't get help based on messages
job000065 essential Not enough logging control
job000066 optional We don't explain which jobspecs won't work
job000078 nice Replication failure can cause hard-to-recover database records when using advanced configuration
job000151 optional Source code documentation is inadequate
job000240 optional Perforce server can crash if P4DTI is started with existing jobs
job000255 optional Adding or changing configuration parameters is hard and error-prone
job000283 critical Bugzilla integration may fail on startup on a fast server
job000284 critical No build procedure for the Integration Kit
job000285 essential No introduction or roadmap to the Integration Kit
job000287 critical The P4DTI doesn't include an integration kit
job000288 essential Can't upgrade Bugzilla integration cleanly
job000290 essential The release build procedure's instructions on submission can't be followed