Issues newly fixed in P4DTI release 1.1.2

Job Priority Title
job000054 essential There are few reports
job000070 essential No coding practice documentation
job000077 essential UG contains no version or release related documentation
job000128 essential Can't replicate fix to deleted changelist
job000148 essential Replicator is slow due to reading auxiliary tables many times
job000176 essential No maintained troubleshooting information
job000179 nice Teamtrack.dll can get lost
job000228 essential UG text is somewhat specific to TeamTrack
job000253 essential Can't "add fix" to submitted changelist except to "closed" in P4Win
job000265 essential AG doesn't say to stop the replicator using the startup script
job000267 optional Consistency check may complain about Bugzilla bugs which are OK
job000268 essential Screenshots in UG are out of date with respect to TeamTrack
job000271 essential The migrate script loses fixes
job000273 optional Unit test for Python interface to TeamTrack is not part of the test suite
job000277 critical Consistency checker and refresh script don't work with larger TeamTrack databases
job000278 essential Migrating jobs to TeamTrack fails if there are many jobs
job000281 optional Lists of jobs fixed in release notes is incomplete
job000293 optional AG doesn't discuss operating stand-alone
job000296 essential Release build procedure can generate incorrect list of fixed issues
job000297 optional Wrong version in manuals
job000299 essential Many links in the Integration Kit don't work
job000301 essential Manuals refer to, which is inaccessible to the world
job000303 essential Incorrect message catalog use generates obscure errors
job000304 essential If replication fails, reverting may also fail
job000310 essential TeamTrack 5.0 is not supported
job000311 essential If you have two TeamTrack projects with the same name, the replicator stops working
job000312 essential P4DTI doesn't support Bugzilla 2.12
job000313 essential If you spell a job with the wrong case when making a fix, the replicator can't replicate it
job000315 essential Upgrading P4DTI may make Bugzilla integration fail
job000319 nice Screenshots in AG are out of date wrt TeamTrack 5.0
job000321 optional TeamTrack server fails when memory is low.
job000325 critical Can't read issues from TeamTrack 5.0
job000326 critical Can't update cases in a TeamTrack database upgraded from 4.5 to 5.0
job000328 critical Queries with plus or percent signs fail in TeamTrack 5.0
job000329 optional Risk of losing configuration when upgrading the P4DTI
job000330 nice Integrator's Guide doesn't describe the kit or how to build and test it
job000331 optional Integration Kit document links don't work when you download it
job000334 critical Intermittent socket errors from TeamTrack 5.0 when using a database upgraded from TeamTrack 4.5
job000336 essential Unhelpful error message if MySQLdb not installed correctly
job000337 optional Replicator fails to pair up users if their e-mail addresses differ only in case
job000338 critical TeamTrack 5.0 doesn't update P4DTI_ fields
job000340 essential Consistency checker may miss some issues if you change the start date
job000342 optional User's Guide has incorrect link to P4SAG
job000344 optional Bugzilla fixes table not sorted by changelist
job000345 critical New Bugzilla bugs don't get replicated for some users
job000347 essential Upgrading to a new release of the P4DTI is awkward and error-prone
job000349 optional No way to link to job web page from defect tracker
job000351 essential Bugzilla integration doesn't remove old configuration items
job000354 critical MySQL bug stops replicator from seeing some Bugzilla changes
job000355 critical Bugzilla integration ignores start_date parameter
job000356 critical Upgrading Bugzilla integration causes replications to fail