Issues newly fixed in P4DTI release 1.5.0

Job Priority Title
job000324 essential Bugzilla patch doesn't work well on Solaris 8
job000389 essential Bugzilla integration not supported on Windows
job000533 essential p4_user with wrong email address confuses Bugzilla user translator
job000551 essential P4DTI kit for Unix has DOS line endings
job000552 essential Bugzilla for Windows integration is in separate source tree
job000596 essential Automatic test expects a bug to replicate on first poll
job000607 essential Bugzilla 2.16.1 not supported
job000608 essential Bugzilla 2.14 security patch releases not supported.
job000609 essential Test suite for Bugzilla on Windows doesn't work
job000610 essential Bugzilla/Windows integration doesn't support processmail
job000611 essential TeamTrack test database licenses expired
job000612 optional Bugzilla integration doesn't check use_windows_event_log config parameter
job000613 essential TeamTrack interface MSVC workspace is confused
job000614 essential TeamTrack tests run when configured for Bugzilla on Windows
job000615 essential Bugzilla shows extra changelists with multiple Perforce servers
job000616 optional Linux/Unix system log usage not configurable
job000617 optional Test suite not very useful under Python 2.2