Issues newly fixed in P4DTI release 2.2.0

Job Priority Title
job000764 essential Test suite fails with Bugzilla versions 2.16.1 to 2.16.3
job000907 essential UG makes incorrect statements about p4 change "-s" option
job000948 essential New Bugzilla groups system not supported
job000949 essential Can't handle new Bugzilla product and component tables
job000950 essential Bugzilla integration too slow
job000951 essential Bugzilla bugmail doesn't work any more
job000952 essential New Bugzilla permissions rules not followed
job000953 essential No support for Bugzilla's new per-product group controls
job000955 optional P4DTI section not using Bugzilla template hooks
job000957 essential Test suite doesn't handle recent Bugzilla releases
job000958 essential Bugzilla schema doc is out of date
job000959 optional P4DTI doesn't work with Bugzilla 2.17.x
job000960 essential P4DTI doesn't support Bugzilla 2.16.5
job000961 essential P4DTI doesn't support Bugzilla 2.16.6
job000962 optional P4DTI doesn't work with Bugzilla 2.18rc1
job000963 essential P4DTI does not support Bugzilla 2.18
job000964 essential Bugzilla emails give incorrect values for user fields
job000965 essential User Guide is out-of-date about Perforce interfaces
job000968 essential Interactions with Perforce ticket system not documented
job000971 essential No P4DTI section when Bz 2.17+ bug is "formatted for printing"
job000984 optional P4DTI doesn't work with Bugzilla 2.18rc2
job000985 essential MySQLdb 1.0.0 not supported