Known issues in P4DTI release 2.4.5

This list may include some issues incorrectly, because "p4 fixes -i" does not report a fix for a version branch if the files changed by the fix were deleted on the masters before the version branch was taken.

Job Priority Title
job000325 critical Can't read issues from TeamTrack 5.0
job000328 critical Queries with plus or percent signs fail in TeamTrack 5.0
job000335 critical Can't update cases in a TeamTrack 5.0 database
job000338 critical TeamTrack 5.0 doesn't update P4DTI_ fields
job000370 critical Journal fields in TeamTrack 5.0 can't be replicated
job000379 critical P4DTI corrupts date/time fields in TeamTrack if server time zone is not UTC
job000628 critical Bugzilla 2.16 and 2.16.1 patches are broken
job001081 critical Bugzilla bug email not working
job000031 essential Queries to TeamTrack database may fail because of unescaped quotes in SQL
job000033 essential Incompatible with other TeamShare API programs
job000048 essential Consistency checking of the configuration is inadequate
job000063 essential Dates aren't replicated with fixes
job000075 essential No automatic check of configuration
job000148 essential Replicator is slow due to reading auxiliary tables many times
job000156 essential Pending changelists aren't clearly indicated as such in Bugzilla
job000182 essential Elapsed time fields aren't replicated properly
job000188 essential The TeamTrack integration fails with non-ASCII characters
job000194 essential Perforce states include tSupport states as well as tTrack states
job000212 essential TeamTrack 4.5 not supported
job000233 essential When you submit a new issue to TeamTrack it overwrites the issue
job000305 essential tTrack: mystery empty transition failure
job000311 essential If you have two TeamTrack projects with the same name, the replicator stops working
job000387 essential TeamTrack 5.0 integration doesn't provide good error messages
job000396 essential Bugzilla 2.14 integration doesn't send notification e-mails
job000437 essential Jobspec not suitable for creating new jobs
job000481 essential TeamTrack transition not replicated from P4D 2002.1 beta (29455) on submit of pending changelist
job000482 essential P4DTI Windows Service stalls after a few days
job000501 essential new jobs break TeamTrack integration if LASTMODIFIEDDATE or SUBMITDATE are replicated
job000607 essential Bugzilla 2.16.1 not supported
job000609 essential Test suite for Bugzilla on Windows doesn't work
job000611 essential TeamTrack test database licenses expired
job000613 essential TeamTrack interface MSVC workspace is confused
job000614 essential TeamTrack tests run when configured for Bugzilla on Windows
job000615 essential Bugzilla shows extra changelists with multiple Perforce servers
job000630 essential Can't restrict State field values by TeamTrack project
job000704 essential Bugzilla fixes table shows the fixer, not the changer
job000757 essential Issue script doesn't segregate TeamTrack jobs
job000833 essential Bugzilla 2.16.4 not supported.
job000971 essential No P4DTI section when Bz 2.17+ bug is "formatted for printing"
job001128 essential Bugzilla 2.18 patch removes some documentation
job000169 optional Change numbers are links in TeamTrack even when no changelist URL has been specified
job000223 optional Quote in change comment terminates display in TeamTrack
job000344 optional Bugzilla fixes table not sorted by changelist
job000412 optional Can't migrate users from Perforce to TeamTrack automatically
job000518 optional migrate_users doesn't add the P4DTI user to Bugzilla
job000629 optional Sense of release notes "what's new" is reversed
job000955 optional P4DTI section not using Bugzilla template hooks
job000984 optional P4DTI doesn't work with Bugzilla 2.18rc2
job000029 nice Filespecs and fixes aren't replicated properly from TeamTrack to Perforce