Known issues in P4DTI release 1.2.1

This list may include some issues incorrectly, because "p4 fixes -i" does not report a fix for a version branch if the files changed by the fix were deleted on the masters before the version branch was taken.

Job Priority Title
job000016 essential Double replication causes many conflicts
job000022 essential No migration from Perforce jobs to defect tracker
job000036 optional New jobs in Perforce don't get replicated to the defect tracker
job000042 essential Rapid changes in the DT cause conflicts
job000046 essential The replicator process is hard to manage
job000086 optional Users can "fix" issues that they don't have permission to change
job000124 essential Changes by disabled Bugzilla users may be replicated
job000145 essential Deleted TeamTrack states appear in Perforce jobspec
job000211 optional Mail can get lost
job000244 essential TeamTrack names the wrong user in an error message
job000245 essential Unhelpful error from TeamTrack if you can't edit an issue
job000249 essential Refresh script fails if you change the closed_state
job000276 optional Can't fix (and then delete the fix) a job owned by user (None) in the TeamTrack integration
job000289 optional Users with spaces produce confusing errors
job000305 essential tTrack: mystery empty transition failure
job000306 essential Bugzilla integration holds locks after errors
job000309 essential Underscores don't work in Perforce jobviews
job000317 optional Error message is unhelpful when you're using an unsupported version of the MySQLdb module
job000324 essential Bugzilla patch doesn't work well on Solaris 8
job000333 optional Poor error message from TeamTrack 5.0 when you specify wrong user or password
job000343 essential When using multiple Perforce servers, TeamTrack uses wrong changelist link
job000352 essential Bugzilla emailsuffix parameter not supported
job000376 essential In TeamTrack integration, P4Win crashes if you try to create a job
job000382 essential "[Errno 5] Input/output error" from Bugzilla integration logger
job000385 critical Renumbered changelist causes P4DTI error and deletes fix
job000387 essential TeamTrack 5.0 integration doesn't provide good error messages
job000388 optional Error reporting is poor if you choose not to receive e-mail
job000389 essential Bugzilla integration not supported on Windows
job000398 essential May get conflicts after running the refresh script
job000399 essential Some issue titles can't be replicated
job000403 optional Instructions on how to select issues to replicate are inadequate
job000404 nice No startup message if you don't receive e-mail
job000405 essential Configuration section in AG needs improvement
job000408 optional Table of Bugzilla fields in AG is incomplete for Bugzilla 2.14
job000409 essential Not clear if TeamTrack 5.01 is supported or not
job000410 essential Can't confirm an unconfirmed Bugzilla bug from Perforce
job000411 critical Bugzilla integration depends on MySQLdb returning lists
job000412 optional Can't migrate users from Perforce to TeamTrack automatically
job000413 essential Bugzilla integration does not work with MySQLdb 0.9.0 or later
job000416 essential Fixed-point numbers treated as floating-point in TeamTrack integration
job000427 optional Can't delete associated filespec in Bugzilla integration
job000433 critical TeamTrack 5.02 not supported
job000442 essential Can't replicate 'line' fields with hashes in them to Perforce
job000445 essential Bugzilla replicator doesn't like spaces in enum fields
job000447 critical Bugzilla 2.14.1 not supported
job000453 critical Perforce 2002.1 not supported
job000459 critical TeamTrack 5.5 not supported
job000460 essential P4DTI not known to support unicode
job000461 critical Bugzilla integration doesn't support multiple Perforce servers
job000463 critical Bugzilla integration fails if mx.DateTime module is installed
job000478 essential TeamTrack 5.02 is supported
job000481 essential TeamTrack transition not replicated from P4D 2002.1 beta (29455) on submit of pending changelist
job000482 essential P4DTI Windows Service stalls after a few days
job000494 essential Bugzilla integration fails if qa_contact is in replicated_fields
job000522 essential P4DTI may fail if Perforce client exists and is broken
job000533 essential p4_user with wrong email address confuses Bugzilla user translator
job000551 essential P4DTI kit for Unix has DOS line endings
job000596 essential Automatic test expects a bug to replicate on first poll
job000607 essential Bugzilla 2.16.1 not supported
job000608 essential Bugzilla 2.14 security patch releases not supported.
job000609 essential Test suite for Bugzilla on Windows doesn't work
job000610 essential Bugzilla/Windows integration doesn't support processmail
job000612 optional Bugzilla integration doesn't check use_windows_event_log config parameter
job000613 essential TeamTrack interface MSVC workspace is confused
job000614 essential TeamTrack tests run when configured for Bugzilla on Windows
job000615 essential Bugzilla shows extra changelists with multiple Perforce servers
job000616 optional Linux/Unix system log usage not configurable
job000617 optional Test suite not very useful under Python 2.2
job000624 essential Licence still says copyright 2001.
job000629 optional Sense of release notes "what's new" is reversed
job000630 essential Can't restrict State field values by TeamTrack project
job000692 essential replicate_p documentation needs more examples
job000693 essential Changing rid and running refresh script causes confusion
job000695 essential AG doesn't specify using P4 'admin' access level
job000696 essential P4DTI documentation covers old defect tracker versions
job000698 essential P4DTI installation docs are lengthy and confusing
job000699 essential P4DTI doesn't allow customizable jobspec
job000700 essential Perforce user password is disclosed on command line
job000704 essential Bugzilla fixes table shows the fixer, not the changer
job000756 essential MySQL privilege required and not documented
job000792 essential Can't detect Bugzilla versions since 2.16
job000811 essential P4DTI doesn't work with Perforce 2003.2beta
job000827 essential P4DTI test suite with PyXML 0.8.3 fails without XHTML DTD file
job000828 optional "licence" should read "license"
job000830 essential No way to check the jobspec
job000831 essential No way to just extend the jobspec
job000832 nice P4DTI checksum script doesn't know jobspec scripts
job000833 essential Bugzilla 2.16.4 not supported.
job000907 essential UG makes incorrect statements about p4 change "-s" option
job000963 essential P4DTI does not support Bugzilla 2.18
job000964 essential Bugzilla emails give incorrect values for user fields
job000971 essential No P4DTI section when Bz 2.17+ bug is "formatted for printing"
job000975 essential User guide does not mention P4V
job001098 essential Python 2.4 breaks
job001119 essential Can't run as Windows Service with Python 2.4
job001120 optional Bugzilla schema documentation doesn't cover recent versions
job001121 essential P4DTI doesn't support Bugzilla 2.16.7.
job001122 optional P4DTI not tested against Bugzilla 2.18rc3.
job001123 essential No Bugzilla 2.18 support
job001124 essential P4DTI doesn't support Bugzilla 2.16.8.
job001260 essential P4DTI can't handle null fields in Bugzilla
job001261 essential test suite breaks MySQL on Windows
job001689 essential Bugzilla 3.0 not supported
job001690 essential Update set of supported Bugzilla releases
job001691 critical new Bugzilla parameter access breaks P4DTI patch
job001692 essential Bugzilla 3.0 not recognised by P4DTI replicator
job001693 essential Single-select custom fields not replicated correctly
job001694 essential Bad names for custom fields
job001695 essential Perforce section not appearing in Bugzilla 3.0 bug form
job001696 essential Recent MySQLdb releases not supported
job001697 essential MySQL 5.0 breaks P4DTI
job001698 essential Bugzilla field name change breaks P4DTI
job001699 essential MySQL 5.0 doesn't like 0 in datetime fields
job001700 optional MySQL 5.0 complains at non-default fields
job002051 essential MySQLdb version testing doesn't check for unicode support
job002052 essential Can't output Unicode content in log messages
job002053 essential Unicode replication fails
job002055 optional Unnecessary warnings during user and issue migration
job002084 essential P4DTI does no MySQL version detection