Issues newly fixed in P4DTI release 0.4.0

Job Priority Title
job000003 optional It is not possible from the result of "p4 -G job -o jobname" to tell whether a job has been returned, or an error message
job000020 optional If the replicator detects a conflict and there's no job then it fails
job000021 essential TeamShare must provide a free licence to P4DTI users
job000029 nice Filespecs and fixes aren't replicated properly from TeamTrack to Perforce
job000031 essential Queries to TeamTrack database may fail because of unescaped quotes in SQL
job000034 nice No drop-down list of effects in TeamTrack interface
job000035 essential The replicator stops if an error occurs when polling the databases
job000037 essential Consistency checker script is inadequate
job000038 essential TSServer::UpdateRecord doesn't let you specify a user
job000041 critical Configuration is too hard
job000045 essential The replicator needs restarting too often
job000049 essential Replicator fails when paths and arguments contain spaces
job000053 essential Implicit changes made by the DT don't get replicated back
job000055 essential Retrospective fixing violates workflow
job000056 essential AG doesn't say to make P4DTI a Perforce super user
job000057 essential Special characters in single-select keywords make the replicator barf
job000058 essential We tell people to restart the server, but shouldn't for IIS
job000059 essential We don't tell people to use the Windows event log
job000060 essential Assertions and run-time errors conflated
job000063 essential Dates aren't replicated with fixes
job000067 essential We must say which workflows won't work
job000069 nice No resolver documentation
job000071 essential No documentation about SourceBridge
job000072 essential AG prerequisites section too vague
job000073 essential Installation doesn't cover existing TeamTrack database
job000074 essential AG assumes that "Administrator" group exists
job000079 essential AG has no migration section
job000080 essential AG has no maintenance section
job000081 critical AG has no administration section
job000083 essential There's no overview in the manuals
job000087 essential Replicator doesn't enforce licences in TeamTrack
job000100 essential No advice on configuration
job000102 essential The resolver exists but shouldn't
job000105 essential The readme.txt is out of date for version 0.4
job000106 essential Multiple transitions between polls aren't supported
job000107 optional You can't replicate an issue's project
job000111 essential Replicator destroys the jobspec that exists before it's installed