Ravenbrook Ravenbrook is a software engineering consultancy. Our goal is to increase the value of the software industry to society.

Ravenbrook's Goals

Our goals at Ravenbrook are

  1. to increase the value of the software industry to society,
  2. to make a living,
  3. to do interesting and enjoyable work,
  4. to develop and grow as individuals and as a company.

Here are some of the main things we do to achieve these goals.

Increasing the value of the software industry to society

  • We attempt to advance the state of the art in software engineering in service of society, and not just in the pursuit of profit.

  • We select clients and projects whose goals we believe are valuable to society. We turn away work that we believe to be harmful or regressive.

  • We improve the practices of our clients to maximise the value they produce, both for themselves (consistent with their goals), and for society.

  • We encourage our clients to consider their value to society in defining their goals, products, policies, requirements, and working practices.

  • We ourselves act in an ethical and responsible manner.

  • Whenever possible, we share our work. (For example, we publish papers and open projects.)

Making a living

This goal is secondary.

  • We negotiate with clients to make a reasonable living out of our work, but not to maximize personal profit.

  • We do not seek to maximize monetary value to our shareholders.

Interesting and enjoyable work

  • We select clients and projects that are interesting and enjoyable to our consultants.

  • We promote an open and supportive environment in which we share interesting and enjoyable work.


  • We take on work which stretches and challenges us, but which is founded on our experience.

  • We consider the development of the whole person when making decisions.

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