Ravenbrook Ravenbrook is a software engineering consultancy. Our goal is to increase the value of the software industry to society.


Ravenbrook is a software engineering consultancy. Our approach is goal-oriented and practical, but we also believe in quality and good process.

Here's a brief overview of the kinds of service we can provide.

Common Lisp Development

Ravenbrook is the UK's largest independent Lisp consultancy firm. We've been working on custom applications since 2000. Our expert team is led by Dr Nick Levine, who has 25 years of Common Lisp development experience. We can build systems from scratch, customized from the outset to meet your exact requirements. We can improve or solve problems in your existing projects. We can work with an established team of Lispers, or help you to recruit and create a new team using our extensive network of contacts in the international Lisp community.

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Software Engineering Management

We can help you deliver quality software on time and to budget. We can help solve growth problems. We can help with process implementation, management, and improvement, and get your processes focussed on your success.

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Configuration Management

We can help with

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Technical Solution

Got a complex software problem and don't know how to solve it? We can help you to understand the problem clearly, find and select solutions, and develop the designs you need.

Software Development

We can develop software to solve your problems, whether 100 or 100k lines of code are needed.

We can manage a project from requirements definition through analysis, design, implementation, testing, and delivery. Or we can help you kick off your project. Or finish it.

We have even been known to provide last minute emergency reliability refactoring in mission critical components. (Written by other "consultants" and left in a sorry state.)

We have particularly strong experience with

  • software development and software process support tools,
  • integration of disparate tools,
  • memory management,
  • compilers, debuggers and run-time systems,
  • databases (ODBC, SQL, Pro*C/C++),
  • operating systems, and
  • embedded systems.

Other Services

  • Systems and network management and administration;
  • Software engineering process audits;
  • Analysis of software for systemic and structural weaknesses: "What's really wrong with this stuff?"

What we don't do

We don't bluff. If we don't know how to do something or can't solve your problem, we'll tell you, and give you the best advice can. We won't waste your time and money.

We don't make or rent out academic gowns. You want Ede and Ravenscroft.

Please contact us if you would like more details.

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