Ravenbrook Ravenbrook is a software engineering consultancy. Our goal is to increase the value of the software industry to society.

Resources Index

Ravenbrook provides information resources as part of its effort to improve the state of software engineering and so increase the value of the software industry to society.

Perforce Defect Tracking Integration Project

A real project for a real client, with real commercial application. All the major project documents are available, including goals, requirements, design, implementation, tests, and other resources. This project is a good example of our approach to software engineering projects.

Memory Management Reference

A resource for engineers and researchers in the memory management field, including a glossary with over 400 entries, a bibliography with nearly 200 entries, articles and an FAQ.


Ravenbrook consultants have written papers on various topics, including our general approach to software project management, and ways to track defects and their fixes accurately using the Perforce SCM system.

Other resources

Additional resources we intend to provide are

  • articles and papers describing the best methods we've found;
  • templates you customize for your organization;
  • examples, illustrations, and case studies;
  • a bibliography of books and papers that we believe are important.
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