Ravenbrook Ravenbrook is a software engineering consultancy. Our goal is to increase the value of the software industry to society.

Ravenbrook Consultants

Nick Barnes

Nick Barnes is a founder, director, and senior consultant, particularly skilled in software architecture, technical solution, design, and development.

“It’s really satisfying to bring a fresh perspective to bear on seemingly intractable problems — to see things that other people aren’t seeing. Someone from outside a group can see the wood and the trees. People learn to live with problems; an outsider can work out how to solve them.”

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Richard Brooksby

Richard Brooksby is a founder, director, and senior consultant, offering a wide variety of software engineering management consultancy, from programming to business strategy, from requirements to delivery.

“My goal has been to become a skilled generalist — to understand well how all parts of an organization work, and how those parts must connect together to achieve the organization’s goals. I can talk to anyone and understand their problems, understand the general problems, then propose solutions which work across the organization. In my experience, most problems are to do with communication. Having said that I can also solve domain specific problems. And I write good code.”

He is also a qualified Perforce Consulting Partner.

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Peter Jackson

Image of PNJ

Peter Jackson is a consultant specialising in configuration management. He’s had several years experience managing the SCM framework for a large, growing company and is a qualified Perforce Consulting Partner.

“The SCM system is at the foundation of any software production process. A well-crafted SCM framework will be in harmony with an organisation and enable people to easily collaborate to achieve their goals. I enjoy helping to put that in place.”

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Arthur Lemmens

image of Arthur Lemmens

Arthur Lemmens has 25 years of experience in software development and specialises in Common Lisp. He has worked on projects in many different fields, including educational software, commercial databases, tree growth simulations, artificial intelligence, building design software, web sites, machine translation and social network analysis.

“I love working on complex problems, trying to find solutions that have the right balance between pragmatics and elegance while communicating closely with the customer to make sure that we keep getting closer to our goals.”

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Gareth Rees

Gareth Rees has 20 years of experience in software development, in areas as diverse as programming language compilation, content management systems, automatic test generation, console video games, mobile phone apps, and web sites.

“The most satisfying thing about software development is seeing your work in the hands of users.”

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Other Consultants

We are in contact with a wide range of skilled software people, many of whom we consult ourselves or bring in to work with clients as needed. If you need a specialist, we may be able to help you. Contact us as we’ll see what we can do.

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