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Peter Jackson



  • Experienced in the planning and setting up of SCM systems for organisations of any scale. Deep expertise with the Perforce SCM system.
  • Experience of rapid company growth.
  • Good understanding of software development lifecycles from requirements capture through delivery and customer support. Deep understanding of SCM best practices.
  • Programming background with current expertise in Python.
  • Thirty five years of computer system management experience in numerous environments.


Consultant, Ravenbrook Limited, 2006 - present

  • Numerous engagements, mostly connected with the planning, installation and introduction of Perforce SCM systems and defect tracking integration to diverse companies.

Configuration Architect, Symbian Software Limited, 1999-2006

  • Responsible for the architecture, implementation and support of Symbian's SCM tools and processes. This included the provision of training and consultancy to development teams and managing services based on the Perforce SCM tool for software development, customer solutions and publication activities.
  • Worked with external suppliers and licencees to improve their Configuration Management and delivery processes.
  • Had a key role in strategic changes to the organisation including work to progress to CMM level 3 and the implemenation of a Master Codeline strategy.

Team leader for Text and Internationalisation, Symbian Software Limited, 1997-1999

  • Led the team responsible for ensuring that Symbian OS was fit for global adoption. Responsibilities of the team included the creation of a new text handling framework and font system including a Front End Processor for entering pictographic text.
  • Facilitated the release of the full Unicode build of the operating system.

Software engineer, Psion PLC, 1994-1997

  • Involved in the early development of the EPOC32 Operating System and applications for Psion products such as the Series5. This system was later renamed as Symbian OS.
  • Organised the development of Psion's first web site.
  • Began liason with Psion's development partner in Japan to facilitate the utilisation of EPOC in that region.


  • 1973: BSc, University of London, Physics and Computer Science.



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