Issues newly fixed in P4DTI release 1.0.0

Job Priority Title
job000006 essential TeamShare API error reporting is inadequate
job000024 optional "\012" appears in fixes table in TeamTrack instead of newline
job000032 optional Deletion of fixes and filespecs in TeamTrack may cease to work in future releases
job000033 essential Incompatible with other TeamShare API programs
job000048 essential Consistency checking of the configuration is inadequate
job000075 essential No automatic check of configuration
job000082 essential AG has no training and documentation section
job000084 optional No glossary in the UG
job000092 essential Long descriptions aren't replicated by Bugzilla integration
job000093 essential Can't replicate other Bugzilla fields
job000101 optional Different transitions for different issue types may confuse the replicator
job000103 essential Can't easily add to replicated_fields list
job000109 essential Can't get at Perforce information from TeamTrack
job000112 essential Can't easily replicate by project
job000116 essential Bugzilla integration doesn't do enough checking
job000117 essential Jobview and job filter confused in the UG
job000122 essential Server failures aren't handled gracefully
job000129 essential Pending changelists aren't clearly indicated as such in TeamTrack
job000138 essential "Add Job Fix" always sends jobs to "closed"
job000141 essential Can't add to replicated_fields list
job000142 essential (None) appears in TeamTrack instead of user who made the change
job000155 essential Bugzilla integration doesn't send mail when bugs change through P4DTI
job000156 essential Pending changelists aren't clearly indicated as such in Bugzilla
job000157 essential Improper installation instructions on Linux
job000160 optional 'closed' doesn't map to 'RESOLVED' in the Bugzilla integration
job000161 nice Replicator appears to hang
job000163 optional Jobspec fields are too small for Bugzilla
job000164 nice An issue may considered fixed in a release when in fact it isn't
job000165 optional Bugzilla configuration parameters are not checked
job000168 nice Too easy to set dbms_port to a string
job000169 optional Change numbers are links in TeamTrack even when no changelist URL has been specified
job000170 optional Replicator may be unable to send e-mail if the default replicator_address is unchanged
job000172 essential Replicating some fields can break Bugzilla
job000173 essential Wrong Perforce server version causes installation to fail mysteriously
job000178 essential AG doesn't give advice on making problem reports
job000180 essential The bugzilla_user parameter is confusing
job000181 critical Assertion failure in translate_1_to_0
job000182 essential Elapsed time fields aren't replicated properly
job000184 essential Bugzilla integration doesn't work if your database is not called 'bugs'
job000185 essential The python 1.5.2 RPMs are not sufficient to build MySQLdb
job000186 essential AG suggests python RPM which is insufficient
job000187 essential Bugzilla startup is slow due to creating tables twice
job000189 essential The replicated_fields parameter can't be changed without replicating all jobs
job000190 critical Connection to TeamTrack hangs for several minutes
job000193 optional Bugzilla integration fails if DateTime module is installed
job000198 essential We don't check the bugzilla_directory configuration parameter
job000199 essential Auxiliary scripts send e-mail
job000202 essential Errors from Perforce not reported well
job000204 essential Issue owned by non-existent Perforce user causes crash
job000205 critical Configuration is still too difficult
job000212 essential TeamTrack 4.5 not supported
job000214 essential No way of controlling the poll period