Issues newly fixed in MPS release 1.115.0

Job Priority Title
job000814 nice Configura cannot manage Lightworks objects with the MPS
job001161 nice there is no human-helpful map of MPS files
job001681 nice AMCHeaderFix is an unnecessary copy.
job001887 optional MPS mps_arena_committed() is wrong when using mps_arena_class_cl (client arena)
job002175 optional MPS unaligned references are not detected by AMC pools
job003327 nice Purpose of reservoirs is unclear
job003348 optional Unclear what happens if a thread dies while registered
job003371 essential MPS spends too much time making system calls
job003485 optional Information about cause of errors is lost
job003495 optional Assertion failure if you try to create a small arena
job003539 optional MPS pause times are not well regulated
job003635 nice Poor error message if you fail to specify a required keyword argument
job003639 nice Unclear why StackProbeDEPTH is 500
job003668 essential Stack scanner assumes all references are word-aligned
job003693 nice The "method" suffix on MPS types is applied too widely
job003713 nice Inconvenient to add new parts on Windows
job003742 nice Root modes not in sync
job003750 nice No keyword arguments for arena commit limit
job003762 nice steptest is too slow for a smoke test
job003768 nice Unclear if lockli is required
job003769 nice README out of date wrt WOW64 on Windows 7
job003784 nice mps_class_t is mis-named
job003814 nice {VM,Client}ArenaReserved iterates over the chunks
job003820 nice Scheme interpreter table_set is wrong
job003835 nice SegPrefs are poorly named
job003836 nice PageRetStruct is obsolete
job003863 nice mps_io_* functions are misleadingly named
job003865 nice Unfinalizable objects can be registered for finalization
job003866 nice mps_arena_has_addr fails for address in unsegmented pool classes
job003867 nice RankAMBIG is misleadingly used to mean "minimum rank"
job003868 nice Test function/228.c doesn't detect assertions
job003869 nice Reservoir refuses to supply memory
job003870 essential Can't set MPS_KEY_SPARE
job003871 nice MMQA test function/165.c failure
job003872 nice MMQA test function/167.c failure
job003873 nice MMQA test function/136.c failure
job003874 nice MMQA test function/214.c failure
job003875 nice MMQA test function/45.c failure
job003876 nice MMQA test function/170.c failure
job003878 optional SNC pool class missing from file-at-a-time builds
job003880 optional SNC does not implement size interface
job003885 nice Unclear when to use AVERT in mpsi.c
job003887 optional LD functions don't check their arena argument
job003889 nice No error if you destroy a format that's still in use by a pool
job003890 nice No error if you create a pool using a format from another arena
job003892 nice Pool statistics are not used
job003893 essential Arena contracted callback gets called with invalid arena
job003898 optional Spare committed memory in the wrong zones prevents allocation
job003899 optional VMArenaGrow can return RESOURCE instead of COMMIT_LIMIT
job003900 nice Can't run tests with ASLR turned off
job003901 nice Can't run a single test under the test runner
job003902 nice commpre/commpost distinction is unnecessary
job003906 nice Not clear whether pointers should be stored in client or base form
job003908 optional Not clear that an assertion handler must not call the MPS
job003915 nice Manual in master sources offers download for nonexistent release
job003918 nice MVInit can fail without destroying its block pool
job003922 optional Failed arena creation is not correctly unwound
job003923 optional Client arena fails to detect too-small size
job003926 optional Policy is hard to work on
job003927 nice No bootstrap design
job003930 nice Unnamed constants in arenaShouldCollectWorld
job003931 nice Manual claims SNC allocation point requires MPS_KEY_RANK
job003933 nice ArenaPark does not accumulate trace metrics
job003934 nice mps_arena_step may fail to collect world even if it had time
job003935 nice ArenaAvail fails to check its result
job003936 nice Type confusion in work computation
job003937 essential MRG pool does not update scannedSize
job003938 optional Useless traces are started and progressed
job003939 nice No AccessSetCheck
job003946 nice Assertions missing from the manual
job003949 nice No glossary entry for telemetry system
job003954 optional Arena allocation policy does not interact intelligently with the reserve pool
job003956 essential MPS doesn't build on FreeBSD 10
job003962 optional Regular testing omits the MMQA test suite
job003964 nice lo.h is misnamed
job003965 nice AMS has extra implementation poolamsi.c
job003966 nice No design for clock.h
job003967 nice chain.h and locus.c have mis-matching names
job003968 nice Warnings when building manual with Sphinx 1.3.5
job003972 nice MMQA function/226.c gets stuck in the hot variety
job003973 nice rootCreate doesn't check its mode argument
job003975 essential Poor performance due to imbalance between protection and scanning costs
job003985 optional The reservoir pool is entirely bogus
job003993 optional Restrictions on maximum pool alignment are not checked or documented
job003998 essential Growing an arena can allocate a chunk with no memory