P4DTI issues

Job Status Priority Title
job000001 closed critical The P4DTI project has no system for planning and tracking change
job000002 closed critical There are no requirements for the integration to support the variety of platforms that customers use
job000003 closed optional It is not possible from the result of "p4 -G job -o jobname" to tell whether a job has been returned, or an error message
job000004 closed critical "p4 -G jobspec -o" doesn't work
job000005 closed nice TeamTrack integration may fail mysteriously on startup in future releases of TeamTrack
job000006 closed essential TeamShare API error reporting is inadequate
job000007 closed critical The fixes keyword can't be set on submit (except to "closed")
job000008 closed essential TeamTrack documentation unclear about line endings
job000009 closed essential Perforce documentation unclear about line endings
job000010 closed essential "p4 -G client -o" sometimes fails
job000013 closed critical Deleting fixes not replicated
job000014 closed essential Edited filespecs aren't replicated from TeamTrack to Perforce
job000015 closed critical TeamTrack creates filespec entries in the TS_VACATIONS table with the wrong value in the TS_TIME2 field
job000016 closed essential Double replication causes many conflicts
job000017 closed essential If you add a field to the Perforce jobspec, then "p4 -G job -o jobname" fails
job000018 closed critical Can't build teamtrack.dll in release 0.3.0
job000019 closed critical Licences on manuals and software too restrictive in release 0.3.0
job000020 closed optional If the replicator detects a conflict and there's no job then it fails
job000021 closed essential TeamShare must provide a free licence to P4DTI users
job000022 closed essential No migration from Perforce jobs to defect tracker
job000023 suspended optional Perforce "p4 fix -c change jobname -s status" does the fix (with status closed) and then complains about incorrect arguments after the command
job000024 closed optional "\012" appears in fixes table in TeamTrack instead of newline
job000025 closed critical There are outstanding defects that were found in release 0.3.1
job000026 closed critical Fields may change even when replication fails
job000027 closed critical There are outstanding defects that were found in release 0.3.0
job000028 closed critical There are outstanding defects that were found in release 0.3.2
job000029 closed nice Filespecs and fixes aren't replicated properly from TeamTrack to Perforce
job000030 closed optional Users can't get help based on messages
job000031 closed essential Queries to TeamTrack database may fail because of unescaped quotes in SQL
job000032 closed optional Deletion of fixes and filespecs in TeamTrack may cease to work in future releases
job000033 closed essential Incompatible with other TeamShare API programs
job000034 closed nice No drop-down list of effects in TeamTrack interface
job000035 closed essential The replicator stops if an error occurs when polling the databases
job000036 closed optional New jobs in Perforce don't get replicated to the defect tracker
job000037 closed essential Consistency checker script is inadequate
job000038 closed essential TSServer::UpdateRecord doesn't let you specify a user
job000039 closed essential P4DTI defects aren't visible to the world
job000040 suspended optional You can't fix the default changelist
job000041 closed critical Configuration is too hard
job000042 closed essential Rapid changes in the DT cause conflicts
job000043 closed essential There's no way to prevent changes by rules
job000044 suspended nice There's no documented way to prevent a transition without a fix
job000045 closed essential The replicator needs restarting too often
job000046 closed essential The replicator process is hard to manage
job000047 closed essential Historical bugs are replicated but uninteresting
job000048 closed essential Consistency checking of the configuration is inadequate
job000049 closed essential Replicator fails when paths and arguments contain spaces
job000050 closed essential There's no way to re-start replication
job000051 closed critical There's no Bugzilla integration
job000052 closed optional Likely problems not in troubleshooting section
job000053 closed essential Implicit changes made by the DT don't get replicated back
job000054 closed essential There are few reports
job000055 closed essential Retrospective fixing violates workflow
job000056 closed essential AG doesn't say to make P4DTI a Perforce super user
job000057 closed essential Special characters in single-select keywords make the replicator barf
job000058 closed essential We tell people to restart the server, but shouldn't for IIS
job000059 closed essential We don't tell people to use the Windows event log
job000060 closed essential Assertions and run-time errors conflated
job000061 suspended nice Fixes are invisible in TeamTrack by default
job000062 suspended optional Fixes not replicated until another change is made
job000063 closed essential Dates aren't replicated with fixes
job000064 closed essential There's no product information page or sheet
job000065 closed essential Not enough logging control
job000066 closed optional We don't explain which jobspecs won't work
job000067 closed essential We must say which workflows won't work
job000069 closed nice No resolver documentation
job000070 closed essential No coding practice documentation
job000071 closed essential No documentation about SourceBridge
job000072 closed essential AG prerequisites section too vague
job000073 closed essential Installation doesn't cover existing TeamTrack database
job000074 closed essential AG assumes that "Administrator" group exists
job000075 closed essential No automatic check of configuration
job000076 suspended optional Deleting records gives the replicator a headache
job000077 closed essential UG contains no version or release related documentation
job000078 closed nice Replication failure can cause hard-to-recover database records when using advanced configuration
job000079 closed essential AG has no migration section
job000080 closed essential AG has no maintenance section
job000081 closed critical AG has no administration section
job000082 closed essential AG has no training and documentation section
job000083 closed essential There's no overview in the manuals
job000084 closed optional No glossary in the UG
job000085 closed critical The SAG does not tell me how to set up a Bugzilla integration
job000086 closed optional Users can "fix" issues that they don't have permission to change
job000087 closed essential Replicator doesn't enforce licences in TeamTrack
job000088 closed essential Bugzilla permissions aren't enforced
job000089 closed essential Bugzilla bug history isn't updated
job000090 closed critical Bugzilla integration doesn't do locking
job000091 closed critical Resolution fields aren't handled by Bugzilla integration
job000092 closed essential Long descriptions aren't replicated by Bugzilla integration
job000093 closed essential Can't replicate other Bugzilla fields
job000094 suspended optional Bugzilla integration design not documented.
job000095 closed essential Bugzilla integration is verbose to stdout but doesn't log
job000096 closed essential Bugzilla integration replicates everything
job000097 closed critical Replicated fixes and filespecs not visible from Bugzilla
job000098 suspended optional Perforce UIs don't link to defect tracker UIs
job000099 suspended optional The p4 module has a security hole
job000100 closed essential No advice on configuration
job000101 closed optional Different transitions for different issue types may confuse the replicator
job000102 closed essential The resolver exists but shouldn't
job000103 closed essential Can't easily add to replicated_fields list
job000105 closed essential The readme.txt is out of date for version 0.4
job000106 closed essential Multiple transitions between polls aren't supported
job000107 closed optional You can't replicate an issue's project
job000108 closed essential Userids can't differ between TeamTrack and Perforce
job000109 closed essential Can't get at Perforce information from TeamTrack
job000110 suspended essential Replicator falls over if you copy an issue in TeamTrack
job000111 closed essential Replicator destroys the jobspec that exists before it's installed
job000112 closed essential Can't easily replicate by project
job000114 closed optional There's no description of the limitations of the integration
job000115 closed essential Bugzilla configuration doesn't match AG
job000116 closed essential Bugzilla integration doesn't do enough checking
job000117 closed essential Jobview and job filter confused in the UG
job000118 closed critical Resolving a Bugzilla bug without setting the resolution always causes a conflict
job000119 closed essential The Perforce commands "change -s" and "submit -s" aren't explained in the UG
job000120 closed essential Bugzilla integration doesn't enforce workflow restrictions
job000121 closed essential E-mail messages are hard to read
job000122 closed essential Server failures aren't handled gracefully
job000123 closed essential Can't get at Perforce information from Bugzilla interface
job000124 closed essential Changes by disabled Bugzilla users may be replicated
job000125 closed optional Bugzilla version not checked
job000126 closed optional Documentation tells people to use command line to see fixes
job000127 closed critical Can't submit changelist with fix in P4Win 2000.2
job000128 closed essential Can't replicate fix to deleted changelist
job000129 closed essential Pending changelists aren't clearly indicated as such in TeamTrack
job000130 closed essential UG should say "p4 submit -s" not "p4 submit"
job000131 closed essential The UG is confusing
job000132 closed essential Supported platforms unclear
job000133 closed critical You can't close a job by fixing it
job000134 closed essential The replicator log grows without limit
job000135 closed essential Replicator makes no more progress if replication to Perforce fails
job000136 closed optional Unclear where the data lives
job000137 closed essential Documentation doesn't explain why fixes don't get undone with other changes
job000138 closed essential "Add Job Fix" always sends jobs to "closed"
job000139 suspended optional Trigger scripts duplicate replicator code
job000140 closed nice Logical field name "code" not allowed in TeamTrack
job000141 closed essential Can't add to replicated_fields list
job000142 closed essential (None) appears in TeamTrack instead of user who made the change
job000143 closed critical Document histories missing from sources
job000144 closed essential "ignore" can't be a job status
job000145 closed essential Deleted TeamTrack states appear in Perforce jobspec
job000146 closed essential Empty date fields in TeamTrack give the replicator a headache
job000147 closed essential TeamTrack licence available but not mentioned
job000148 closed essential Replicator is slow due to reading auxiliary tables many times
job000149 closed essential We don't use system logging facilities on Windows
job000150 closed critical The replicator can't recover from server failures
job000151 closed optional Source code documentation is inadequate
job000152 suspended nice "commenton" parameters not enforced by Bugzilla integration
job000153 suspended nice "despot" not supported by Bugzilla integration
job000154 suspended nice "shadowdb" is not supported by the Bugzilla integration
job000155 closed essential Bugzilla integration doesn't send mail when bugs change through P4DTI
job000156 closed essential Pending changelists aren't clearly indicated as such in Bugzilla
job000157 closed essential Improper installation instructions on Linux
job000158 closed essential Obscure error if Perforce can't be reached or p4_client_executable is wrong
job000159 closed essential Fixes which the replicator rejects still get replicated
job000160 closed optional 'closed' doesn't map to 'RESOLVED' in the Bugzilla integration
job000161 closed nice Replicator appears to hang
job000162 closed optional Replicator needs restarting when you add new users to Perforce or TeamTrack
job000163 closed optional Jobspec fields are too small for Bugzilla
job000164 closed nice An issue may considered fixed in a release when in fact it isn't
job000165 closed optional Bugzilla configuration parameters are not checked
job000166 closed essential MySQLdb version 0.3.0 is untested
job000167 closed optional Released manuals should be on the website
job000168 closed nice Too easy to set dbms_port to a string
job000169 closed optional Change numbers are links in TeamTrack even when no changelist URL has been specified
job000170 closed optional Replicator may be unable to send e-mail if the default replicator_address is unchanged
job000171 closed nice AG should note broken MySQL versions
job000172 closed essential Replicating some fields can break Bugzilla
job000173 closed essential Wrong Perforce server version causes installation to fail mysteriously
job000174 closed essential No instructions on how to upgrade from the beta
job000175 suspended nice System fields like P4DTI-rid are editable by users in Perforce
job000176 closed essential No maintained troubleshooting information
job000177 closed optional Ravenbrook has no call tracking system
job000178 closed essential AG doesn't give advice on making problem reports
job000179 closed nice Teamtrack.dll can get lost
job000180 closed essential The bugzilla_user parameter is confusing
job000181 closed critical Assertion failure in translate_1_to_0
job000182 closed essential Elapsed time fields aren't replicated properly
job000183 suspended essential Mysterious problem with elapsed time fields in Perforce
job000184 closed essential Bugzilla integration doesn't work if your database is not called 'bugs'
job000185 closed essential The python 1.5.2 RPMs are not sufficient to build MySQLdb
job000186 closed essential AG suggests python RPM which is insufficient
job000187 closed essential Bugzilla startup is slow due to creating tables twice
job000188 closed essential The TeamTrack integration fails with non-ASCII characters
job000189 closed essential The replicated_fields parameter can't be changed without replicating all jobs
job000190 closed critical Connection to TeamTrack hangs for several minutes
job000191 closed essential Administrator can't easily find release when contacting support
job000192 suspended essential TeamTrack triggers are not run after a transition by the replicator
job000193 closed optional Bugzilla integration fails if DateTime module is installed
job000194 closed essential Perforce states include tSupport states as well as tTrack states
job000195 closed essential Keyword translation is too conservative
job000196 suspended optional Illegal transitions should be prevented by Perforce clients
job000197 suspended optional P4DTI doesn't do ESMTP authentication
job000198 closed essential We don't check the bugzilla_directory configuration parameter
job000199 closed essential Auxiliary scripts send e-mail
job000200 closed critical No supported TeamTrack release works with integration
job000201 suspended nice Empty assigned_to field can't be replicated (unreproducible)
job000202 closed essential Errors from Perforce not reported well
job000203 closed nice Users can masquerade as other users
job000204 closed essential Issue owned by non-existent Perforce user causes crash
job000205 closed critical Configuration is still too difficult
job000206 suspended nice There are outstanding defects that were found in the AG in release 0.4.2
job000207 suspended optional Deleted jobs aren't restored immediately
job000208 closed optional TeamTrack integration doesn't provide a .reg file
job000209 suspended optional No package for Solaris
job000210 closed optional Bugzilla states/resolutions with spaces in them cause broken jobspec
job000211 closed optional Mail can get lost
job000212 closed essential TeamTrack 4.5 not supported
job000213 suspended optional Performance of Bugzilla is reduced because it always locks tables
job000214 closed essential No way of controlling the poll period
job000215 closed essential The replicator can send out mail bombs
job000216 closed optional readme.txt mentions beta sites
job000217 closed critical readme.txt has too much detail of fixed bugs
job000218 closed critical readme.txt has a confusing date at the top
job000219 closed essential Existing jobs in Perforce may become unusable when the jobspec is changed
job000220 suspended optional Perforce admin/superuser password is in clear in config.py
job000221 closed critical Refreshing Perforce jobs fails in Bugzilla integration
job000222 closed essential Deleting fix causes Bugzilla integration to crash
job000223 closed optional Quote in change comment terminates display in TeamTrack
job000224 closed essential "import replicator" fails when debugging
job000225 closed essential If you "p4 fix" when there's no closed state, the replicator can't replicate
job000226 closed optional Newlines don't show up in change descriptions in TeamTrack
job000227 closed optional AG doesn't have Bugzilla error messages
job000228 closed essential UG text is somewhat specific to TeamTrack
job000229 closed essential The readme is too hard to use
job000230 closed essential Messages from the replicator refer to non-existent sections of the manuals
job000231 suspended optional Perforce state field contains bogus states if replicating a subset of projects from TeamTrack
job000232 closed optional Log and e-mail messages are confusing if jobname is different from the issue name
job000233 closed essential When you submit a new issue to TeamTrack it overwrites the issue
job000234 closed critical Jobs from Bugzilla get wrong name
job000235 closed critical New Bugzilla bugs may cause conflict email
job000236 closed critical Bugzilla table grows without bound
job000237 closed critical Bugzilla logger breaks on Windows
job000238 closed critical Bugzilla integration doesn't work with old Python versions
job000239 suspended optional The jobname function not configurable
job000240 closed optional Perforce server can crash if P4DTI is started with existing jobs
job000241 closed critical Bugzilla integration doesn't work with MySQL version 3.22.32
job000242 suspended optional Uninstalling the RPM before running the P4DTI fails
job000243 closed essential The p4 client is not on path when running from RPM install
job000244 closed essential TeamTrack names the wrong user in an error message
job000245 closed essential Unhelpful error from TeamTrack if you can't edit an issue
job000246 suspended optional TeamTrack silently resets incorrect fields
job000247 suspended optional No error message from TeamTrack if you edit a job as a user with no TeamTrack userid
job000248 suspended nice Changelist links in TeamTrack go to frame, not whole page
job000249 closed essential Refresh script fails if you change the closed_state
job000250 suspended nice If you run the refresh script as your first step, all issues get overwritten
job000251 closed essential Known issues included in release notes
job000252 closed essential Support can't detect tampering with P4DTI source
job000253 closed essential Can't "add fix" to submitted changelist except to "closed" in P4Win
job000254 closed essential AG claims TeamShare support provide licences
job000255 closed optional Adding or changing configuration parameters is hard and error-prone
job000257 closed optional AG uses wrong words when talking about Perforce licences and support
job000258 suspended nice Perforce users need a TeamTrack licence to use TeamTrack features
job000260 suspended optional Special HTML chars in change descriptions not escaped by TeamTrack
job000261 closed critical Bugzilla patch and text files are missing from the RPM installation
job000262 closed essential Bugzilla: Can't use Perforce to confirm an unconfirmed bug
job000263 closed essential Bugzilla: P4DTI doesn't restart on reboot
job000264 suspended optional Uninstalling RPM-installed P4DTI doesn't remove symlinks
job000265 closed essential AG doesn't say to stop the replicator using the startup script
job000266 suspended essential UG doesn't explain consequences very well
job000267 closed optional Consistency check may complain about Bugzilla bugs which are OK
job000268 closed essential Screenshots in UG are out of date with respect to TeamTrack
job000269 closed optional AG doesn't explain how to delete P4DTI registry keys
job000270 closed critical Can't fix job owned by user (None) in the TeamTrack integration
job000271 closed essential The migrate script loses fixes
job000272 closed essential Source code doesn't refer to its documentation
job000273 closed optional Unit test for Python interface to TeamTrack is not part of the test suite
job000274 closed optional It's hard to run the unit tests on an installed P4DTI
job000275 closed optional Unit tests only support one configuration per platform
job000276 closed optional Can't fix (and then delete the fix) a job owned by user (None) in the TeamTrack integration
job000277 closed critical Consistency checker and refresh script don't work with larger TeamTrack databases
job000278 closed essential Migrating jobs to TeamTrack fails if there are many jobs
job000279 suspended optional Consistency checking and refreshing take unacceptably long in the TeamTrack integration
job000280 suspended optional Issue name changes in TeamTrack not reflected in Perforce
job000281 closed optional Lists of jobs fixed in release notes is incomplete
job000282 suspended optional No support for TeamShare hosted defect tracking
job000283 closed critical Bugzilla integration may fail on startup on a fast server
job000284 closed critical No build procedure for the Integration Kit
job000285 closed essential No introduction or roadmap to the Integration Kit
job000286 closed optional AG doesn't state what systems each integration supports
job000287 closed critical The P4DTI doesn't include an integration kit
job000288 closed essential Can't upgrade Bugzilla integration cleanly
job000289 closed optional Users with spaces produce confusing errors
job000290 closed essential The release build procedure's instructions on submission can't be followed
job000291 closed critical New Bugzilla integration messages can't be looked up in the AG
job000292 closed critical Message objects break syslog on Linux
job000293 closed optional AG doesn't discuss operating stand-alone
job000294 suspended essential Race in job editing can overwrite defect tracker records
job000295 closed critical Unmatched Bugzilla users break replicator at startup
job000296 closed essential Release build procedure can generate incorrect list of fixed issues
job000297 closed optional Wrong version in manuals
job000298 suspended essential Multiple Perforce sections in the Bugzilla form
job000299 closed essential Many links in the Integration Kit don't work
job000300 closed essential The P4DTI has no requirements for capacity, performance, etc
job000301 closed essential Manuals refer to info.ravenbrook.com, which is inaccessible to the world
job000302 suspended essential Test procedure doesn't test P4DTI upgrade
job000303 closed essential Incorrect message catalog use generates obscure errors
job000304 closed essential If replication fails, reverting may also fail
job000305 duplicate essential tTrack: mystery empty transition failure
job000306 closed essential Bugzilla integration holds locks after errors
job000308 closed essential No error or warning when user mapping isn't one to one
job000309 closed essential Underscores don't work in Perforce jobviews
job000310 closed essential TeamTrack 5.0 is not supported
job000311 closed essential If you have two TeamTrack projects with the same name, the replicator stops working
job000312 closed essential P4DTI doesn't support Bugzilla 2.12
job000313 closed essential If you spell a job with the wrong case when making a fix, the replicator can't replicate it
job000315 closed essential Upgrading P4DTI may make Bugzilla integration fail
job000316 closed optional User mismatch not documented
job000317 closed optional Error message is unhelpful when you're using an unsupported version of the MySQLdb module
job000318 suspended optional "p4 logger" failed once
job000319 closed nice Screenshots in AG are out of date wrt TeamTrack 5.0
job000320 suspended essential P4DTI is not tested on Solaris
job000321 closed optional TeamTrack server fails when memory is low.
job000322 suspended nice Type checking is too strict
job000323 suspended nice If you use "python -G" to run the P4DTI you don't get so much error checking
job000324 closed essential Bugzilla patch doesn't work well on Solaris 8
job000325 closed critical Can't read issues from TeamTrack 5.0
job000326 closed critical Can't update cases in a TeamTrack database upgraded from 4.5 to 5.0
job000328 closed critical Queries with plus or percent signs fail in TeamTrack 5.0
job000329 closed optional Risk of losing configuration when upgrading the P4DTI
job000330 closed nice Integrator's Guide doesn't describe the kit or how to build and test it
job000331 closed optional Integration Kit document links don't work when you download it
job000333 closed optional Poor error message from TeamTrack 5.0 when you specify wrong user or password
job000334 closed critical Intermittent socket errors from TeamTrack 5.0 when using a database upgraded from TeamTrack 4.5
job000335 closed critical Can't update cases in a TeamTrack 5.0 database
job000336 closed essential Unhelpful error message if MySQLdb not installed correctly
job000337 closed optional Replicator fails to pair up users if their e-mail addresses differ only in case
job000338 closed critical TeamTrack 5.0 doesn't update P4DTI_ fields
job000339 suspended essential Can lose Bugzilla changes in rare race condition
job000340 closed essential Consistency checker may miss some issues if you change the start date
job000341 suspended optional TeamTrack integration doesn't work with Python 2.1
job000342 closed optional User's Guide has incorrect link to P4SAG
job000343 closed essential When using multiple Perforce servers, TeamTrack uses wrong changelist link
job000344 closed optional Bugzilla fixes table not sorted by changelist
job000345 closed critical New Bugzilla bugs don't get replicated for some users
job000346 suspended essential Can't stop replication of an issue
job000347 closed essential Upgrading to a new release of the P4DTI is awkward and error-prone
job000348 suspended optional Bugzilla comments can get wrong timestamp
job000349 closed optional No way to link to job web page from defect tracker
job000350 suspended essential Can't update some Bugzilla fields from Perforce
job000351 closed essential Bugzilla integration doesn't remove old configuration items
job000352 closed essential Bugzilla emailsuffix parameter not supported
job000353 suspended nice Bugzilla's formatted views don't show P4DTI information
job000354 closed critical MySQL bug stops replicator from seeing some Bugzilla changes
job000355 closed critical Bugzilla integration ignores start_date parameter
job000356 closed critical Upgrading Bugzilla integration causes replications to fail
job000357 closed critical Release notes don't say we support TeamTrack 5.0
job000358 closed critical P4DTI doesn't work with TeamTrack 5.0
job000359 closed essential Startup e-mail is misleading in TeamTrack integration
job000360 closed optional Bugzilla configuration starts with dt_name="TeamTrack"
job000361 closed essential AG comes out in fixed-width font
job000362 closed critical Can't update cases from Perforce in TeamTrack 5.0
job000363 closed critical TeamTrack integration replicates issues needlessly
job000364 closed essential Bugzilla bugs with empty descriptions can't be replicated
job000365 suspended optional No startup script for Solaris
job000366 suspended essential Some replicator failures may leave things inconsistent
job000367 suspended optional Stopping using the startup script can cause inconsistencies
job000368 suspended optional TeamTrack on a secure web server is not supported.
job000369 suspended optional Integration Kit is hard to build and test
job000370 closed critical Journal fields in TeamTrack 5.0 can't be replicated
job000371 closed essential You can edit other people's comments in journal fields in TeamTrack 5.0
job000372 closed essential Check consistency stops with error if there are unreplicated jobs
job000373 suspended nice TeamTrack integration doesn't support primary tables other than TS_CASES/TTT_ISSUES
job000374 suspended optional TeamTrack integration is slow because it reads too many change records
job000375 closed critical Whitespace lines in Bugzilla descriptions can break replicator
job000376 closed essential In TeamTrack integration, P4Win crashes if you try to create a job
job000377 closed essential Can't use Perforce 2000.2 client with Perforce 2001.1 server
job000378 closed essential Hard to work out which TeamTrack field types are supported
job000379 closed critical P4DTI corrupts date/time fields in TeamTrack if server time zone is not UTC
job000380 suspended essential Bugzilla integration upgrade fails if you change the replicator id
job000381 closed critical P4DTI corrupts date/time fields in TeamTrack if daylight savings time is in effect
job000382 closed essential "[Errno 5] Input/output error" from Bugzilla integration logger
job000383 closed essential AG needs better description of TeamTrack workflows that don't work with the P4DTI
job000384 closed nice P4DTI will stop working in Python 3.0
job000385 closed critical Renumbered changelist causes P4DTI error and deletes fix
job000387 closed essential TeamTrack 5.0 integration doesn't provide good error messages
job000388 closed optional Error reporting is poor if you choose not to receive e-mail
job000389 closed essential Bugzilla integration not supported on Windows
job000390 closed critical P4DTI doesn't support Bugzilla 2.14
job000391 suspended nice Can't build Bugzilla integration from kit
job000392 closed essential Mysterious failure if you turn off "accept info from browser" in TeamTrack
job000393 closed essential If you specify the wrong Bugzilla version, P4DTI carries on anyway
job000394 closed optional Bugzilla tests don't work unless database is called "bugs"
job000396 closed essential Bugzilla 2.14 integration doesn't send notification e-mails
job000397 suspended optional Obscure error message when Perforce client incompatible with server
job000398 closed essential May get conflicts after running the refresh script
job000399 closed essential Some issue titles can't be replicated
job000400 suspended essential P4DTI project web pages quite out-of-date
job000403 closed optional Instructions on how to select issues to replicate are inadequate
job000404 closed nice No startup message if you don't receive e-mail
job000405 closed essential Configuration section in AG needs improvement
job000406 closed critical MySQL integrity error when you create a new bug in Bugzilla and update it quickly
job000407 closed critical Bugzilla config.py not properly truncated
job000408 closed optional Table of Bugzilla fields in AG is incomplete for Bugzilla 2.14
job000409 closed essential Not clear if TeamTrack 5.01 is supported or not
job000410 closed essential Can't confirm an unconfirmed Bugzilla bug from Perforce
job000411 closed critical Bugzilla integration depends on MySQLdb returning lists
job000412 duplicate optional Can't migrate users from Perforce to TeamTrack automatically
job000413 closed essential Bugzilla integration does not work with MySQLdb 0.9.0 or later
job000414 suspended optional Bugzilla integration is slow if many users don't match up
job000416 closed essential Fixed-point numbers treated as floating-point in TeamTrack integration
job000417 suspended nice If you change replicated_fields and forget to refresh then fields may be mixed up in Perforce
job000418 closed critical Migration of users to Bugzilla fails for lack of migrated_user_groups
job000419 closed critical Can't migrate users to Bugzilla 2.14
job000420 closed essential Too time-consuming to find all problems with migration
job000421 closed essential Migration of jobs to Bugzilla fails if a job is owned by a non-existent user
job000422 closed critical Refreshing fails after migration if new workflow doesn't match old workflow
job000423 suspended optional Bugzilla integration may fail due to MySQL IntegrityError
job000424 suspended optional No support for migrating users to TeamTrack
job000426 closed essential Migration to TeamTrack fails unless issue ids are zero-filled to 5 digits
job000427 closed optional Can't delete associated filespec in Bugzilla integration
job000429 closed essential Error message in conflict e-mail might be wrong
job000432 suspended nice Debugging information not available when customer makes a support call
job000433 closed critical TeamTrack 5.02 not supported
job000434 suspended essential Migration of nonexistent users is too cumbersome
job000435 suspended nice Bugzilla doesn't have enough fields to migrate typical jobs
job000436 closed essential Migration instructions don't help with deleting and restoring databases
job000437 closed essential Jobspec not suitable for creating new jobs
job000438 suspended optional Have to create Bugzilla products/components/versions by hand when migrating
job000439 suspended essential Migration documentation is hard to find
job000442 closed essential Can't replicate 'line' fields with hashes in them to Perforce
job000443 suspended essential Replicator needlessly re-does work
job000444 suspended essential P4DTI can generate a lot of conflict email messages very quickly
job000445 closed essential Bugzilla replicator doesn't like spaces in enum fields
job000446 suspended nice Automated tests don't cover some important functionality
job000447 closed critical Bugzilla 2.14.1 not supported
job000453 closed critical Perforce 2002.1 not supported
job000458 suspended nice P4DTI doesn't automatically detect TeamTrack version
job000459 closed critical TeamTrack 5.5 not supported
job000460 closed essential P4DTI not known to support unicode
job000461 closed critical Bugzilla integration doesn't support multiple Perforce servers
job000463 closed critical Bugzilla integration fails if mx.DateTime module is installed
job000468 suspended optional Can't find out coverage of recent overnight test runs
job000473 suspended optional Bugzilla integration doesn't check MySQL server version
job000478 closed essential TeamTrack 5.02 is supported
job000479 suspended nice P4DTI fails to run as a service on Windows NT (unreproducible)
job000481 closed essential TeamTrack transition not replicated from P4D 2002.1 beta (29455) on submit of pending changelist
job000482 closed essential P4DTI Windows Service stalls after a few days
job000483 closed essential refresh.py comments are out-of-date
job000484 suspended optional Bugzilla integration fails to update timestamp if only description changes
job000485 suspended essential Too many conflict e-mails sent
job000486 suspended optional Exponential backoff looks like failure
job000487 suspended essential Documentation doesn't troubleshoot poll failure very well
job000488 suspended essential AG doesn't stress importance of not deleting issues
job000489 suspended optional Mail recipients are not very configurable
job000491 closed essential jobspec has bad defaults for optional user fields
job000492 closed optional Test suite doesn't cope with 'reporter' in replicated_fields
job000493 closed optional Bugzilla migration fails if delta_ts in replicated_fields
job000494 closed essential Bugzilla integration fails if qa_contact is in replicated_fields
job000495 closed optional Test suite doesn't cope with 'qa_contact' in replicated_fields
job000496 closed optional Bugzilla integration breaks migration if numeric fields are replicated
job000497 suspended optional Bugzilla can't replicate lastdiffed field if we run processmail
job000498 suspended essential Bugzilla integration doesn't treat "numeric" fields well
job000501 closed essential new jobs break TeamTrack integration if LASTMODIFIEDDATE or SUBMITDATE are replicated
job000503 suspended optional replicate_p for TeamTrack is too hard.
job000512 closed essential Bugzilla P4DTI doesn't work with Python 2.2
job000517 suspended optional TeamTrack ignores job_url parameter
job000518 closed optional migrate_users doesn't add the P4DTI user to Bugzilla
job000520 suspended optional Teamtrack integration does not check that p4dti.reg has been run
job000521 suspended essential AG doesn't say to run "p4dti.reg" on TeamTrack server
job000522 closed essential P4DTI may fail if Perforce client exists and is broken
job000523 suspended essential Bugzilla user interface doesn't tolerate missing changelist records
job000524 suspended optional It's hard to force the replication of particular items to the defect tracker
job000525 suspended essential Consistency checker doesn't check changelists.
job000533 closed essential p4_user with wrong email address confuses Bugzilla user translator
job000551 closed essential P4DTI kit for Unix has DOS line endings
job000552 closed essential Bugzilla for Windows integration is in separate source tree
job000596 closed essential Automatic test expects a bug to replicate on first poll
job000597 suspended nice Test suite doesn't give error for invalid Bugzilla admin user
job000598 suspended essential Damaged memory block in TeamTrack Python API
job000600 suspended essential Automated tests fail for TeamTrack
job000606 suspended optional Test suite doesn't display config file name
job000607 closed essential Bugzilla 2.16.1 not supported
job000608 closed essential Bugzilla 2.14 security patch releases not supported.
job000609 closed essential Test suite for Bugzilla on Windows doesn't work
job000610 closed essential Bugzilla/Windows integration doesn't support processmail
job000611 closed essential TeamTrack test database licenses expired
job000612 closed optional Bugzilla integration doesn't check use_windows_event_log config parameter
job000613 closed essential TeamTrack interface MSVC workspace is confused
job000614 closed essential TeamTrack tests run when configured for Bugzilla on Windows
job000615 closed essential Bugzilla shows extra changelists with multiple Perforce servers
job000616 closed optional Linux/Unix system log usage not configurable
job000617 closed optional Test suite not very useful under Python 2.2
job000618 suspended optional Automated release build script requires client with release/...
job000619 suspended essential P4DTI TeamTrack integration can't be used with Python 2.2.
job000624 closed essential Licence still says copyright 2001.
job000627 closed essential P4DTI supports TeamTrack, but Perforce doesn't
job000628 closed critical Bugzilla 2.16 and 2.16.1 patches are broken
job000629 closed optional Sense of release notes "what's new" is reversed
job000630 duplicate essential Can't restrict State field values by TeamTrack project
job000632 closed optional AG says "doeditparams.pl" not "doeditparams.cgi"
job000633 closed essential Readme.txt has an installer filename wrong
job000635 closed essential AG doesn't offer "patch" utility for Windows
job000636 closed essential Applying Bugzilla patch can put file in wrong place
job000637 closed essential MySQLdb RPM depends on mx Python module which may not be present
job000638 suspended optional "p4dti subsystem is locked" message from startup script
job000642 closed essential AG "patching Bugzilla" section needs to explain "patch" for Windows
job000643 closed essential Perforce 2002.2 not supported
job000644 closed essential Broken WinZip registration causes embarrassing message
job000645 suspended essential Readme reference has incorrect section numbers
job000692 closed essential replicate_p documentation needs more examples
job000693 closed essential Changing rid and running refresh script causes confusion
job000694 closed essential check_jobs doesn't work on Windows if .py file association is set
job000695 closed essential AG doesn't specify using P4 'admin' access level
job000696 closed essential P4DTI documentation covers old defect tracker versions
job000697 suspended essential Bugzilla 2.18 not supported
job000698 closed essential P4DTI installation docs are lengthy and confusing
job000699 closed essential P4DTI doesn't allow customizable jobspec
job000700 closed essential Perforce user password is disclosed on command line
job000701 suspended essential A hanging query can lock up the defect tracker
job000704 closed essential Bugzilla fixes table shows the fixer, not the changer
job000705 suspended essential Insufficient documentation for running tests
job000706 suspended optional Procedure for running a single test does not (always?) work.
job000707 suspended optional Automated tests can't cope if dbms_password is needed.
job000708 suspended optional No procedure for creating new mysql dumps
job000754 closed essential AG says that MySQL doc link is for MySQL 4.1.0-alpha
job000755 closed essential config.py still has TeamTrack section
job000756 closed essential MySQL privilege required and not documented
job000757 closed essential Issue script doesn't segregate TeamTrack jobs
job000764 closed essential Test suite fails with Bugzilla versions 2.16.1 to 2.16.3
job000792 closed essential Can't detect Bugzilla versions since 2.16
job000811 closed essential P4DTI doesn't work with Perforce 2003.2beta
job000815 suspended optional Perl warnings generated when test suite runs Bugzilla scripts
job000827 closed essential P4DTI test suite with PyXML 0.8.3 fails without XHTML DTD file
job000828 closed optional "licence" should read "license"
job000829 closed essential Some messages listed in the AG can never appear.
job000830 closed essential No way to check the jobspec
job000831 closed essential No way to just extend the jobspec
job000832 closed nice P4DTI checksum script doesn't know jobspec scripts
job000833 closed essential Bugzilla 2.16.4 not supported.
job000837 closed essential P4DTI manuals refer to out-of-date Perforce documentation
job000838 closed essential P4DTI can't replicate 'user' fields.
job000839 closed essential AG "Table of Commands" omits jobspec commands
job000840 suspended essential Documentation refers to TeamShare, not Serena
job000841 closed essential Test suite warnings with Python 2.3
job000842 closed critical Python 2.3 or 2.3.x breaks Bugzilla integration
job000864 suspended optional Change to fix user not replicated
job000900 suspended optional When installing service, get "Fatal Python error: PyThreadState_Get: no current thread"
job000907 closed essential UG makes incorrect statements about p4 change "-s" option
job000948 closed essential New Bugzilla groups system not supported
job000949 closed essential Can't handle new Bugzilla product and component tables
job000950 closed essential Bugzilla integration too slow
job000951 closed essential Bugzilla bugmail doesn't work any more
job000952 closed essential New Bugzilla permissions rules not followed
job000953 closed essential No support for Bugzilla's new per-product group controls
job000955 closed optional P4DTI section not using Bugzilla template hooks
job000956 suspended essential No P4DTI section when Bz 2.16+ bug is "formatted for printing"
job000957 closed essential Test suite doesn't handle recent Bugzilla releases
job000958 closed essential Bugzilla schema doc is out of date
job000959 closed optional P4DTI doesn't work with Bugzilla 2.17.x
job000960 closed essential P4DTI doesn't support Bugzilla 2.16.5
job000961 closed essential P4DTI doesn't support Bugzilla 2.16.6
job000962 closed optional P4DTI doesn't work with Bugzilla 2.18rc1
job000963 closed essential P4DTI does not support Bugzilla 2.18
job000964 closed essential Bugzilla emails give incorrect values for user fields
job000965 closed essential User Guide is out-of-date about Perforce interfaces
job000968 closed essential Interactions with Perforce ticket system not documented
job000969 suspended essential No support for Perforce "tickets"
job000971 closed essential No P4DTI section when Bz 2.17+ bug is "formatted for printing"
job000972 suspended essential Enormous changelist descriptions break replication to Bugzilla
job000975 closed essential User guide does not mention P4V
job000977 suspended critical perforce documentation links in UG do not work.
job000984 closed optional P4DTI doesn't work with Bugzilla 2.18rc2
job000985 closed essential MySQLdb 1.0.0 not supported
job000990 closed essential no Bugzilla 2.18 patch in P4DTI for Windows
job000991 closed essential Bugzilla patch breaks editparams on Bugzilla 2.18rc2
job001054 suspended optional AG has no job_url example for P4Web
job001081 closed critical Bugzilla bug email not working
job001083 closed optional Bugzilla 2.18rc3 schema not recognised
job001098 closed essential Python 2.4 breaks p4.py
job001119 closed essential Can't run as Windows Service with Python 2.4
job001120 closed optional Bugzilla schema documentation doesn't cover recent versions
job001121 closed essential P4DTI doesn't support Bugzilla 2.16.7.
job001122 closed optional P4DTI not tested against Bugzilla 2.18rc3.
job001123 closed essential No Bugzilla 2.18 support
job001124 closed essential P4DTI doesn't support Bugzilla 2.16.8.
job001128 closed essential Bugzilla 2.18 patch removes some documentation
job001256 suspended essential No warning message if bugzilla_directory set to None
job001258 closed essential Bugzilla 'deadline' field not replicated.
job001259 closed essential P4DTI can't handle new Bugzilla 'enum' tables
job001260 closed essential P4DTI can't handle null fields in Bugzilla
job001261 closed essential test suite breaks MySQL on Windows
job001262 closed optional test suite doesn't work with Bugzilla 2.20 checksetup on Windows
job001263 closed essential P4DTI doesn't support Bugzilla 2.20.
job001264 closed optional Obsolete Bugzilla versions still supported
job001268 closed essential Component version documentation/testing is out-of-date
job001272 closed essential Manuals refer to old Perforce documentation
job001292 suspended optional Integration Kit can't make a distribution
job001342 closed critical refresh.py doesn't work with p4d 2005.2
job001433 closed essential Bugzilla 2.22 not supported
job001439 closed essential Bugzilla/DB/Mysql.pm patch not mentioned in AG
job001440 closed essential Windows patches have bad line-endings
job001441 closed essential process_bug.cgi fails in Bugzilla/Util.pm
job001442 closed essential Mysql.pm patch for Bugzilla 2.22 not approved by Bugzilla
job001468 closed essential refresh.py doesn't work with Perforce 2006.1
job001469 closed essential Python Windows extensions requirement not documented
job001689 closed essential Bugzilla 3.0 not supported
job001690 closed essential Update set of supported Bugzilla releases
job001691 closed critical new Bugzilla parameter access breaks P4DTI patch
job001692 closed essential Bugzilla 3.0 not recognised by P4DTI replicator
job001693 closed essential Single-select custom fields not replicated correctly
job001694 closed essential Bad names for custom fields
job001695 closed essential Perforce section not appearing in Bugzilla 3.0 bug form
job001696 closed essential Recent MySQLdb releases not supported
job001697 closed essential MySQL 5.0 breaks P4DTI
job001698 closed essential Bugzilla field name change breaks P4DTI
job001699 closed essential MySQL 5.0 doesn't like 0 in datetime fields
job001700 closed optional MySQL 5.0 complains at non-default fields
job001701 suspended essential P4DTI build script too slow
job001702 suspended essential build script doesn't check dependencies
job001703 suspended essential release build script requires winzip
job001704 closed critical Schema upgrades break replicator
job001705 closed essential AG has incorrect MySQL version numbers
job001712 closed optional AG patch description is incomplete
job001713 closed essential Manuals refer to out-of-date Perforce docs
job002051 closed essential MySQLdb version testing doesn't check for unicode support
job002052 closed essential Can't output Unicode content in log messages
job002053 closed essential Unicode replication fails
job002054 closed optional recent Bugzilla minor releases not officially supported
job002055 closed optional Unnecessary warnings during user and issue migration
job002056 suspended optional Build script assumes winzip
job002084 closed essential P4DTI does no MySQL version detection
job002085 closed essential P4DTI doesn't check MySQL configured for Unicode
job002086 closed essential Perforce server Unicode mode detection inadequate
job002087 closed essential Administrative emails can fail with Unicode data
job002088 closed essential P4DTI automated testing with Unicode data is poor
job002105 suspended essential Windows release doesn't unpack in the right place
job002109 closed essential non-ASCII on non-Unicode Perforce server breaks replicator
job002295 suspended essential P4DTI doesn't work with Python 2.6